Monday, February 28, 2011

Seven with Kevin

Kevin with 7 Seconds, Photo: Mike Oswald

Kevin Seconds is a legend, plain and simple. I know Tim and I have wanted to get him on here in some capacity, but I didn't want to do just another interview with the guy. Since Kevin is still actively doing music, always has something to say, and is floating around on the web, I decided it would be great to have him as a regular here on DCXX if he was into it. Sure enough, Kev said he was game and we're psyched. So, I'm proud to announce what will hopefully be a weekly feature titled "Seven With Kevin" where we toss him seven quick random questions and see where it goes.

We're gonna fight the narrow minds!!! -Gordo DCXX

1. What's the last great song you heard?

Eddie & The Hot Rods' "Do Anything You Wanna Do", performed live by Ted Leo less than a week ago. Brilliant.

2. Reno in 2011: yay or nay?

Very much yay. I mean, not yay enough for me to move back there buy yay nonetheless.

3. Black Flag or Bad Brains?

Fuck. Pass.


4. How often do people write you asking you if you have any more copies of the YOT Can't Close My Eyes EP?

Not all too often, actually. I wish they would. I found a stash of them a few months ago and I could use a few extra bucks. (Ed. Note: I see Kevin getting at least a dozen emails upon giving this answer.)

5. All time favorite US city to play?

I'm going with Sacramento, my hometown. I can pick other people's cities. There are far too many to choose from.

6. Favorite thing about running your coffee shop, True Love, and will it re-open?

Favorite thing: being my own boss and helping make Sacramento a more interesting place to live in. If my wife Allyson and I re-open, it won't be any time soon.

7. 7 Seconds song lyrics that still resonate the most with you?

Probably Regress, No Way.

Kevin with 7 Seconds at City Gardens, Photo: Ken Salerno


... said...


yo what do i gotta do to order some true love grind? do you guys have an in house brew that i can order?

aaron said...

so how do i get in touch with kevin to pick up a youth of today record ha

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of extra cigar boxes filled with cash over here for a YOT 7". How do i get on touch... thank you

Jim Pitts said...

Ya know Kev.....You still owe me two 7"ers from our REM trade....(lol)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this...good idea. However, now i wanna know more than ever...what ARE the lyrics to Regress, No Way? They don't seem to exist anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the fact that someone's gay, some say,
"how could they live that way?",
To me, it all comes down to choice, why fight?
It's just a waste of time,
Get hip, there's nothin' you can do,
Why should that bother you,
For decency, you fight,
But who is really right?

Regress, no way!

There are some, who'd like to enforce fear,
Don't bend, or you're a "commie queer",
Wake up, to human rights and see,
The truth, and your hypocrisy.
I spit on "the majority",
And what they want us to be,
And their "democracy",
Just will not work for me

Regress, no way!

I see, but I can't fit the mold,
Or do as I am told,
And if we are so free,
I'll do what's right for me

Regress, no way!

shivaun said...

also wondering about YOT. email?

sue snow said...

Fun idea, I like I like.

Anonymous said...

great to see kevin material!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to whoever posted those lyrics! I've been lookin for them for awhile now! Since Regress No Way was never on the original lyrics sheet for Walk Together... and BYO doesn't make inserts at all anymore, it's much appreciated!

Marty said...

Nice to see you on here, Kev.

Brushback said...

Some of the original "Can't Close My Eyes" 7"-ers have handwritten notes from Ray and Porcelly on the lyric sheet. The three that I had were "Jeff Spazz loses", "Beat Harvard", and "I see you hide, have you no pride." Dave Stein got one that said "Jason does the coolie dance" (Jason from Social Unrest)

Emil said...

I think this is great. 7 Seconds don't get as appreciated now a days it seems. What up, Shivaun.

Anonymous said...


tim said...

Always a pleasure to hear from Kev. 30+ years of music and message can't be wrong.

Crippling Doubt Records said...

how can i get one of those YOT records?!