Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Supertouch, Breakdown and Absolution Live at Tompkins Square Park, NYC 1988

Every once in awhile, while scouring YouTube, we here at DCXX come across videos that simply can't be ignored. These three videos here from Supertouch, Breakdown and Absolution are perfect examples of just that. Not that the audio or video quality on any of these will necessarily knock your socks off, but just the mere fact that I've never seen these videos before and from the view count, it doesn't appear many others have either. So kickback and enjoy a little New York Hardcore, Tompkins Square Park style. -Tim DCXX


Israel said...


There's video of the full Breakdown set. I've had it on my computer for years. If someone else wants to upload it to youtube, feel free.

Frank Cassidy said...

Wow. I was there. Reagan Youth, Nausea and a few others also played. I remember being up front for at least Reagan Youth. There was a rumor going around that Bad Brains would play, which never happened. An excellent hot summer (August?) day.

Rinjo Njori! said...

I was there also.. a long, long day with big breaks. If I remember correctly this was Breakdown's first show with the new band since everyone defected to Raw Deal

Smitty said...

Yeah, why didn't you post the Reagan Youth stuff?