Monday, May 18, 2009

Poll results for favorite Revelation release of 1990

Zack catches his breath in front of the City Gardens crowd, Photo: Ken Salerno

I personally felt that this was a really tough poll, because in my eyes, all of these releases are particularly great. On any given day I could listen to the YOT 7" ten times in a row, then switch over to the Inside Out 7" or Burn 7" and listen to those over and over again. Hell, even with the Judge "The Storm" 7" I could listen to "Forget This Time" a dozen or so times straight. Maybe I'm just a bit insane, but most of these 1990 Rev releases are just about as good if not better than some of the 1988 releases.

Now because you have to pick one, I went with the final Youth Of Today 7". Flawless EP from start to finish. I don't care what anyone says (and I know a lot of people will disagree), but if Youth Of Today had only stuck around a little bit longer to record a full LP's worth of this material, the shit would have been mind blowing. Sammy fully matured on the drums, Walter bringing in a taste of his song writing skills, Porcell bringing a heaviness that had yet to be heard with YOT and Cappo delivering an emotionally charged performance with the lyrics to match. Not to mention, the recording quality is probably my second favorite YOT recording sound, a notch below "Together" off The Way It Is. So yeah, I love this EP, not that I don't love all these other records, but YOT is YOT and in my book, they are second to none.

As for the winner, I don't know what I can say that hasn't been said on here already about Inside Out. We nearly dedicated a full week's worth of posts to Inside Out, so our love for them is no secret. If you missed our Inside Out thoughts and entries and need a refresher's course, feel free to go back into the archives and check that out. Definitely another flawless record and one well worthy of the top spot. -Tim DCXX

The poll results top 3

Rev 019 - Inside Out - 7" - 131
Rev 022 - Burn - 7" - 111

Rev 017 - Youth Of Today - 7" - 100
Rev 018 - Quicksand - 7" - 48
Rev 020 - Judge - The Storm 7" - 43
Rev 021 - Supertouch - The Earth Is Flat - 43
Rev 016 - Shelter - Perfection of Desire - 25

Vic and Alex with Inside Out at City Gardens, Trenton NJ, Photo: Ken Salerno


Anonymous said...

I voted for the YOT 7" too. I don't know why some people rag on it. It's totally HC sounding, and the lyrics are some of my favorite YOT lyrics of all time. My fave record by them.

eating crow said...

What universe have I entered where people like quicksand better than Judge or YOT??

D. Sine said...

More love needs to be given to the Supertouch lp. It's a brilliant record and got my vote.


I think I've learned my lesson to never rely on Wikipedia for correct information again. I hadn't put much thought into it, but it turns out that a few of these releases came out in 1991. I should have known better considering they had the YOT 7" listed as a 12" and two of the releases were listed as Rev 20. Sorry. -Tim DCXX

Tradition said...

Although I voted for Inside Out, that YOT 7" may have won if it was listed as a 7" and not a 12"...

Ben Edge said...

So which releases came out in '91 then? Judge?

Andrés Vargas said...

Voted Inside Out!
Awesome blog man, just added you to my favorite links.
Greetings from Guatemala,