Sunday, May 10, 2009

Highlights from the "Old School Hardcore Kids" group part II

SSD - Fuck yeah!! This is the show with Iron Cross and Government Issue. There's a great picture in the "Banned in D.C. book" as well. What a road trip that was from Boston to D.C. - Drew Stone

Early Leeway with Joe Bossler on stage. Long Island somewhere.

Me singing "Discriminate Me" for Agnostic Front. Jane Street Rock Hotel. R.I.P. Frenchy. - Mark Ryan

Minor Threat interview, Mt. Auburn VFW, back stage 3/4/1983

Black Flag - One thing I do remember are the creepy crawl kids from California menacing the kids in the pit at the New York shows. They were scary acid heads who were all about Black Flag as the band were a religion. - Brian Swirsky

Cro-Mags set list from Jane Street Rock Hotel show with the Bad Brains. The photo insert from "I Against I" was taken at this show. - Mark Ryan


Cheesegrater said...

The boot prints on that Mags set list are great.

This is one of my favorite DCXX features. Keep it up.

Ben Edge said...

sweet sleeveless MXR shirt. I can't imagine that Al used any of their effects though. Maybe it was part of the Van Halen worship.