Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another dip into the Revelation files

Original Warzone "Lower East Side Crew" photos and layouts, Photo: Tim DCXX

Actual photo that was torn from a magazine and used for the cover of the Judge "The Storm" 7", Photo: Tim DCXX

Original Gorilla Biscuits "Start Today" Revelation ad mock-ups, Photo: Tim DCXX

Ray Cappo and Pied Piper Production's, Doug Carron. Doug was the guy responsible for booking a lot of those early Revelation band tours (YOT, GB, etc..) and was also the guy well known for his rant on the end of the GB "Start Today" CD. Unfortunately, Doug passed away a few years ago.


Bill "Nego" Case said...

I always wondered what happened to Doug. How did he die? I spent an interesting night with him and Steve Insted in Tijuana Mexico! Good times!

Dave said...

You can't mention Doug without mentioning his shows at Lupo's in Providence.

SFader said...

I love that rant. It still makes me laugh.

Ben Edge said...

I always pictured Doug as this middle aged guy who was showing the Rev bands how business is done. He looks younger than Ray in that pic.

H8000CENTRAL said...

I still have the Pied Piper shirt Ray cappo gave me on their first Euro tour after I broke my nose during a fight with some drunk asshole.