Thursday, May 21, 2009

Krakdown live at CBGB's 1988

We've had very little Krakdown content on here since DCXX's inception, but we're hoping that will be changing in the coming weeks. Either way, I came across this interesting Krakdown, two camera angled video on YouTube a year or so ago and tagged it as a favorite. It's not necessarily the highest in quality, but the alternating camera angles and editing definitely lets you know that someone put a little bit of effort in it, which makes in kind of cool.

To coincide with this video, just today I stumbled upon a blog called Blogged and Quartered who have compiled a pretty substantial collection of Krakdown's recorded material. If you're interested in checking out the blog and downloading 41 Krakdown tracks, here's the link: Blogged and Quartered - Tim DCXX


AJ said...

Hey Tim, That's my vid. What's really unfortunate (aside from the quality) is that this is just a snippet of the actual video. The original tape was like 50 minutes long - It had interviews, pre-show footage from out in front of CB's, Krakdown unloading their van & setting up and then an entire pro-shot show. It was the sickest video ever, quite easily my favorite. That douche lord Greg from One Sided War / Taste Of Fear stole it from me when we were in a band together. Oh well. Krakdown rule, most underrated HC band ever. Dave K & Brett's "Break Everything In Your House" tape was my introduction to this band back in 1996. We played that tape so much that it got warped.

Also, for the nerds - there is also a December 87 show from the Right Track Inn floating around, and "Freedom" from the Montreal & NY Connection comp. Feel free to email me if you want these.

~anthony (from Ewing & Daghouse & Guns N' Rosa Parks, etc)

D. Sine said...

Note to self: Dig out Krackdown 7".

Ben Edge said...

Great bass playing and great bass tone.

Total Minor Threat bass tone.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. We played our first show w/ Krakdown & Token Entry at the Right Track Inn. Loved these guys...Sick Society will always be one of my faves. John's cousin went to St. John's Prep with us and there were rumors that Jay & Brian were long lost brothers...hilarious but untrue.

-Joe (Outburst)

mark said...

Probably one of my most favorite bands to see!!!
Jason would have so much energy and just kill it!!!
Wish I could find their demo has to be around somewhere.