Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Return to the Revelation files

Original BOLD at CBGB's sing along photo from the final 7" lyric sheet, Photo: Tim DCXX

At this point you should already know the drill. Here's another handful of original Revelation layout elements / photos that I shot on my last visit to Rev HQ. Granted I've been looking at a lot of these photos on the actual releases for the past twenty something years, but for me, seeing these original classic shots is still pretty damn cool. - Tim DCXX

One of my personal favorite Rev releases and one of my personal favorite layouts, the original cut and paste photo collage from the Chain Of Strength - "True Till Death" 7", photo: Tim DCXX

Alex fuckin' Pain tearing up those 4 strings like only he can, another original photo from the Chain "TTD" 7", Photo: Tim DCXX

You know this one, it's about as classic as is gets, original back cover shot from the Gorilla Biscuits - "Start Today" LP. Photo: Tim DCXX

Bidip bo! Raybeez with Warzone original pic from the best New York City Hardcore compilation ever, "The Way It Is", Photo: Tim DCXX

Original photo from Rev 23, the Ray and Porcell 7", photo: Tim DCXX


Simón said...

Very cool, except pictures #2 and #3 are the same.

Keep it coming.


DAVID said...

Rolled up jeans shorts. Yes.


Simon... you must have looked at the entry and commented within minutes because I fixed the duplicate Chain pics immediately.

David... I could never successfully pull off the 89 rolled up jean shorts look. Trust me, I tried, but the rolls just wouldn't stay. Worked for those guys though, more power to them!

- Tim DCXX

Martin said...

Definitely my favorite time for hardcore, gotta love the style. I don't know about the hip-packs and rolled-up jean shorts(sorry Porcell). That's when Revelation took their own sweet time releasing records. Thanks for the memories Tim.

adam said...

it would be cool if Jordan or you guys could find out who the photographers were for these photos..

im SURE some of us would love to know who shot them and perhaps even buy a print of some our favorite shots..

Laura said...

Ray Lego shoot the Ray and Porcell ep.