Monday, May 11, 2009

Isaac Golub - Keepin' It Older School

Ike Chorus chimes in with some of his glory day memories and some great classic flyers - Gordo DCXX

Going to shows in California as a young buck was scary, especially in the time span that I went, from 1981-89. Gangs were rampant, there was Sons of Samoa, Circle One, LA Death Squad, Suicidal, Skins, and plenty more. These guys would not only fight one another, they would tee off on anyone who’s eyes had the smallest glimpse of innocence. I don’t think I could count the amount of times if I tried that I took a Doc to the back, or a barrage of knuckles to the back of my head. The smell of blood, clove cigarettes, Aqua-Net hairspray, sweaty leather, piss, beer, and vomit was the punk rock ozone layer then. Sometimes you would taste these things as well, without choice. The clubs were always dank sewers that reminded me of what the first level of hell would be like. I can say that I probably gave at least a pint of blood and sweat in every club I ever stepped foot in over my lifetime.

I would always see guys like Big Frank Harrison and Black Darryl at these shows, it always made me feel like, “Ok… I don’t know these guys, but if I get in a jam maybe they will recognize me from the Dead Kennedy’s show or The Varukers show…” It was false hope, but hope nonetheless. The music was the reason for the bravery, I loved and still love punk rock. It will never be the way it was in the early 80’s and that’s fine. Here are some shows I went too, I wont break all of them down, I’m sure you can imagine. Enjoy the flyers.

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Ben Edge said...

Balboa Theater - Vermont & 88th. Coincidentally there was another punk club on the same intersection called the Poison Apple that lasted for only a few years during this decade. Probably the worst neighborhood in LA.

Aquanet, cloves, beer, leather! I started going to punk shows at the beginning of the 90s, and those same smells held true for that era too.