Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Highlights from the "Old School Hardcore Kids" group, the NYHC edition

Agnostic Front, Atlanta, Photo: Chris Gorman
Geez I remember first time I saw AF and Freddie sang. He couldnt have been more than 7 or 8 years old. - Eric Boofish Barclay

Agnostic Front at Lupos
Last Lupos Show 7/88 Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, Scream, Hard Ons, Fidelity Jones. Show was set up by Doug from Pied Piper but promoted by the amateurs at Crossroads Productions after Doug moved back to California. AF left after three songs and we still paid them $1,200! - Brian Simmons

Cro-Mags at CBGB, 1985
God, I didn't even recognize Ray (Cappo)! Do you know the story about the time he saw some lady walking in front of him drop something and he (wanting to be a good boy) picked it up without looking and ran to her yelling "M'am m'am, you dropped this!" at the same time he looked down and realized it was an adult diaper. Of course, as the story goes, she was properly horrified, as was he...urban legend or fact?? Who knows! - Olivia Larrain

Harley being classic Harley

Underdog at the old Ritz, First Superbowl of Hardcore, Photo: Olivia Larrain
I'm pretty sure this is the Superbowl of Hardcore - The First of many so called but I believe this was the original. It was a huge show and one of the last big killer shows at The Ritz on 11th street before the move uptown to 54th street.

This has got to be during 'Over The Edge' because I vividly recall being up in the VIP section at that show with you and Leslie and maybe Alison and dashing down to the stage and diving off into a sea of kids - Feet first of course. And then scampering backstage to repeat cette process. You could really get some air with that stage being so high at The Ritz. - Sean Patrick Murphy

Token Entry with Anthony Communale, Triboro Bridge, 1985

Gorilla Biscuits at the Anthrax with Kevin Egan (Beyond) on top of the crowd, Photo: Brian Boog
Wow... that's some picture! - Kevin Egan


Ben Edge said...

Someone explain feet first stage diving to me. You run no risk of injuring yourself, so there's nothing brave about it, and you pretty much ensure the injury of whoever your feet land on, so there's nothing nice or cool about it.

P.S. I've only ever seen people do this at straight edge shows, or at hardcore shows by straight edge kids.

Onno said...

The only time I was hit by a feet first diver was at a Pantera show, so I guess it goes beyond sxe or hc shows ;-)