Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fanzine Spotlight: Open Your Eyes

Debuting in 1988 and done by original Brotherhood front man, John White and his then girlfriend Kelly Wohlrab, Open Your Eyes Fanzine comes out of Seattle Washington. Three issues were produced of this fanzine with an array of diverse bands like, Half Off, Sick Of It All, Desecration, Disorderly Conduct, McRad, Unit Pride, Four Walls Falling, Gorilla Biscuits, Verbal Assault, Prong, Breakaway, Youth Of Today, Project X, Up Front, Free Will, Blind Approach and Head First.

From the first issue, I was impressed with this fanzine. Generally clean layouts, always cool artwork, great photos by Nor Cal resident photographer, Murry Bowles amongst others, interesting interviews with great bands and even good ads. The Open Your Eyes playlists were always stellar as well. You really couldn't ask for more.

I'll always give credit to Open Your Eyes for it's inspiration that it had on my own fanzines. John was also a real stand up guy, super friendly, quick to write back, always down to trade zines, piles of stickers in each package. They really covered all the bases with Open Your Eyes. Even a collection of tape comps.

If you haven't seen any of these issues, issue three being my personal favorite, do yourself a favor and track them down. There was also an unreleased issue four that in some form or another, we hope to see the light of day. Thanks to John and Kelly for leaving behind a classic. -Tim DCXX


chad said...

great 'zine, super nice dude!

Anonymous said...

John 'open your eyes' let me print a limited amount of shirts. check them out on ebay.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I did a lot of art for John, and actually the shirts available on eBay currently are my work. Crazy small world!
Chris Shary

Unknown said...

does anybody have scans?