Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DOUBLE CROSS shirt update

Just wanted to give a little update on those limited Double Cross shirts that we had printed. When the post went up on August 3rd, in my hands I had less than 12 shirts I could sell. Within 15 minutes of posting, I had nearly gotten enough orders to clear out the original stock. That Monday, while I was at work and the post was up, close to 50 order requests came in. At that point I decided to confirm with all who requested, order enough shirts to cover the requests, then cut off any further ordering. What was suppose to be limited to 12 shirts has now been extended to 57, plus 3 longsleeves.

As of Tuesday August 12th, all the final t shirts have been printed courtesy of Chris Daily over at Daily Screen Printing. Gordo picked them up from Chris Wednesday night and will give them to me when we meet up to go to the Absolution show on Friday the 15th. Over the weekend I will fill and pack up all the orders and get them shipped out during the week. Again, thanks to everyone who ordered and we hope you're happy with the shirts.

By the way, a brand new DCXX shirt design has been in the works for the past couple of months. This design will not be limited and should be readily available once we get them done. We'll of course keep you updated when we're close to making those available. -Tim DCXX

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