Sunday, August 3, 2008

DOUBLE CROSS - Limited "The Straight Edge" shirts

DCXX Shirt Front

DCXX Shirt back

A few weeks ago our friend Chris Daily, formally of Smorgasbord Fanzine / Records, currently of Daily Screen Printing, gave us a call and said that he had some extra room on a screen. Chris asked if we had anything we needed printed. I told Chris I'd see if I could put something together and this limited Double Cross shirt was the result.

Just to give you a little background on the design, the front was something that I put together close to 10 years ago. Back in the late 80's when I was doing my first fanzine called Slew, then into my second fanzine, Common Sense, before the use of computers, I use to buy these rub off transfer letters for use in the layouts. Of course you'll recognize the font from the Schism logo and the early Sick Of It All logo, but this font was something you could actually walk into an art store and buy at one time. The only time I ever used the font was on the very first Mouthpiece logo that we created, but other than that, the transfer sheet sat in my drawer for years. Sometime around 1998, when I was putting some work into the inception of Double Cross, I threw this logo together using these old transfer letters.

As for the back, if you're familiar with the Double Cross shirt designs that were printed in 2004, you'll recognize this as our Straight Edge design. Of course it's a nod to the classic "The Straight Edge" jacket worn by SSD guitarist, Al Barile, when seen storming the steps of the Boston state house on the cover of "The Kids Will Have Their Say".

So there you have it, a little mix of Schism and SSD to make these limited DCXX shirts. I say limited because we only made 12 short sleeves and 3 longsleeves. All shirts were printed on black 100% cotton Gildan brand t shirts, blue ink front, dark red ink back. If you're interested in a short sleeve shoot me an email at: and if I have the size you need, you can fire off $12, which would include shipping if being shipped in the US or $18 if shipped outside of the US. It's going to be a first come, first serve deal, so hit me quick. -Tim DCXX


Handsome Pete said...

They look good.

And I never would have made the jacket connection.

Keep up the good work. On the shirts and the site.

SALAS said...

That's some gorgeous front (and font) right there.