Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Most Underrated California Straight Edge Band

Unit Pride at Gilman Street, Photo Courtesy of Eric Ozzene

I'm going to try and get in the habit of posting the results to these polls that we run. With this past poll I picked four California Straight Edge bands that I felt were a bit underrated. As you can see, Unit Pride came out as the winner. Personally I love all four bands, but felt the one band that really fit the "underrated" title was Pushed Aside. The other three bands all released 7"s that were well received, where as Pushed Aside only released a demo and a comp track and aren't all that well remembered. Honestly though, you couldn't go wrong with any of these bands. -Tim DCXX

Unit Pride: 84 Votes

Hard Stance: 75 Votes

Against The Wall: 72 Votes

Pushed Aside: 31 Votes


Nick said...

I'm going to listen to My Friend The Pit right now!

Its The Limit said...

The suprising thing to me is out of all the shows I've seen at Gilman... I'm always let down by none of the California bands playing have ever covered Unit Pride. I voted for Hard Stance. But, Unit Pride gets me moshing everytime too.

Anonymous said...

That pics pretty much sums of the insanity that occurred at every Unit Pride show (even at the outdoor shows when there was no stage)

Unknown said...

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