Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WHERE ARE THEY NOW - Tom Kennedy/Wide Awake

The classic Tom Kennedy Wide Awake shot from the Anthrax, Photo: Joe Snow

DCXX Partner-In-Crime, Chris "Smorgasbord" Daily, has been busy contacting some of yesterday's players to see where they are now and what they are up to. This will be an ongoing piece, with Tom Kennedy kicking things off. Thanks Daily. -Gordo DCXX

Not soon after the Anthrax closed I joined up with the Marines and left the northeast. Looking back it’s probably one of the best decisions of my life. The Corps was good to me, and after my tour of duty ended I went into federal service where I still work today as a systems engineer. I have a bulldog named Chesty Puller and a small workshop where I spend much of my spare time cobbling together and repairing old Harleys; I like Panheads best. Attached is a pic.

Tom Kennedy with his bike in 2010, Photo courtesy of: Tom Kennedy


fallingdown said...

that's a nice panhead.

XXX said...

He still looks straight edge.


Anonymous said...

fuck yea tom

Anonymous said...

gordo has a shovelhead, tom wide awake has a panhead, whose got the knuckle??? hardcore dudes on choppers niiiiiiiiiice!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


eric said...

What is with those Schism label band members losing their hair?


Forget their edge, they lost something more important!

fallingdown said...

knuckleheads I think were still iron instead of aluminum heads, weren't they? I could be wrong, but if that is the case , then they heat up way too quick!

Otherwise, Knuckleheads in my opinion are a more aesthetically appealing engine.

Where's It Gonna End... said...

I just started an ironhead sporty project. Really nice to see a lot hardcore kids getting greasy

XshwaeX said...

I fucking love wide awake they r legends!! But fuck what a fucking disapoint man fuck the marines they r nothing but puppets on a string dieing for no good reason killing millions of ppl this is how their country wants ppl to show their patritisom?