Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coming soon: The photography of Bri Hurley

Ray and Craig Ahead with Youth Of Today at CBGB, NYC, Photo: Bri Hurley

Roger with Agnostic Front at CBGB, NYC, Photo: Bri Hurley


Djinji with Absolution at CBGB, NYC, Photo: Bri Hurley


fuckenles said...

She has a great photo album from a classic era in NY music.. I've seen her photos many times over the years in Zines,Records, Flyers, etc... GOOD stuff. Can't wait to see more.

Andrew said...

I rarely see photos of Craig with YOT... This photo is great!

Anonymous said...

I used to have the book Making A Scene. Bought it in the early 90's at some bookshop on St Mark's. Great Photo's in that book.

Sajid said...

Haha I love that YOT picture! Just saw Sick Of It All last night and wow Craig looks exactly the same as he does there

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