Thursday, January 13, 2011

Youth Of Today - "No More" video shoot alternate footage

Maybe you've seen this, maybe you haven't. It's alternate footage from the Youth Of Today "No More" video shoot at The Anthrax. I got a copy of this video many years ago, but have never seen it up on YouTube until Jon Field pointed it out to me the other day. Not sure if this was footage shot to possibly be used in the video, or just something shot by a fan, but it's interesting to see never the less. Sound quality leaves something to be desired, but fun as hell to get a glimpse behind the scenes and catch some alternate angles of a video that we've all seen a million times. -Tim DCXX


Antonio said...

anyone know if thats Vic Dicara at 7:10 ?? looks like him,walking towards the camera

Jon said...

Is your copy better quality Tim?

I have another video of this show, much better quality and of all the takes YOT did that night lip syncing to No More. But it's from the back, and not as interesting as this, even though parts of this make my head hurt watching it.

Antonio: Probably is Vic, Beyond played this show too (and GB).


Antonio - Yeah, that's definitely Vic, no question.

Jon- My copy is better quality, haven't watched it in awhile though, so I don't know how much better. I'll have to dig it out, I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...


Marty said...

Man, great footage, great album(I still love the first W.N.I.T.A. Caroline mix the best), I really wish somebody would release Break Down The Walls with the original Wishing Well mix, that would make my day, week and year. Thanks for the post, fellas, and for keeping us in tune with our past:-).