Monday, October 26, 2009

Mikey Fast Break part II

Tell us about your East Coast trip in '89, how that came about, who you hung with, what shows you saw and whatever memories come to mind.

That thing was a whirlwind. I had corresponded with Jeff Terranova for a bit before they came out to California that summer in 1989. Those guys and Supertouch stayed at my (parents') house for a night or two before the show. Up Front was either lined up to play or were able to jump on the show at Fender’s, so we went over there and just had the best time. That show just happened to be on my 16th birthday.

Anyway, Up Front was set-up to play at Gilman up in Berkeley the next day and I had my drivers’ license test the day after. So, I talked my folks into letting me make the trip to Berkeley the next day; with the precondition that I would be home for my drivers test. Somehow I was also able to get my folks to agree with letting me tag along with Up Front across the lower half of the US back to NY. So, Up Front plays the show (with Judge, BOLD, and Supertouch, I think) and then we head back down to Huntington Beach. We end up at my parents’ house with a couple hours to spare. I get myself sorted, head over to the DMV, and pass my test. My Dad hands me like $200.00 and tells everyone in the van that I am not allowed to drive under any circumstances. It was Jeff, Jon, Ari, Roger, this kid Frankie from Cleveland, and myself.

Mikey moshes it up to Inside Out at the Che Cafe, Photo: Dave Sine

We set off and somewhere along the way we met up with Release. The bands played a few shows along the way back to NY / NJ. If I’m not mistaken, that trip produced my first visit to City Gardens. It was here that I ran into the Turning Point kids outside the club. That’s where Skip and I started talking.
So, after about a week staying at Jeff’s, I flew home about a week before my sophomore year of High School.

How did Fast Break Fanzine / Photozine come to life? Take us through each issues and your memories of each?

I felt like I wanted to contribute something, so Fast Break was my way of doing it. It just kinda became something from taking photos.

I was tight with Against The Wall, so that was a pretty easy first interview. I didn’t know about halftones or anything like that, so it was just xeroxed black and white photos laid up. The text was written up on my Brother typewriter. That machine was great because it had cartridges you could change out for different fonts.

The photozine was something I wanted to do because it was different. No interviews, hardly any text, just plain and raw. Looking back at it, I wish I produced it better. The photos are all washed out and the overall print job was shitty. The design aesthetic was heavily influenced by a couple issues of Boiling Point I had. That zine was just awesome.

Being behind the lens, how did the HC scene change over time to you?

Other than the style of clothing that kids were wearing, I didn’t really notice too many changes. With the exception of Inside Out, I don’t think it really started to change very much musically until I stopped doing the zine and got in Drift Again.

I remember sitting in Madrid’s room one day and hearing the Quicksand EP for the first time. Listening to the way Walter sang, it gave me the feeling that the style of music we were used to listening to was in for a little change. For me, that record was really revolutionary. That might sound a bit hyperbolic, but between them and Inside Out, I can’t remember any other records from that time that I heard and felt that other bands were going to mimic them.


Jim Pitts said...

I'm the one with the flatop and white sweatshirt jumping up at mic on the cover of FastBreak #2.
Great Judge set!

the mosher said...

dont let it stop. such a geat zine.

Joey said...

Mikey rules! Great kid. I need to hook up and go skate with him, its been forever since I've seen Pac Man.

Jim - I honestly don't think that's you in the picture. Wasn't that the show with Supertouch, Up Front, Gorilla Biscuits, and I think Bold? I don't remember you having a flat top, and I'm pretty sure thats the show you broke your hip at. The guy in the picture looks more like Jerry or Chris, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

That's Judge at Gilman street. Supertouch didn't play, but I know Against the Wall did, hence Randy the bass player hamming it up by giving the 'hang loose' sign.

ERIC SXE said...

Great stories! Please continue!

Joey said...

oh yeah, Gorilla Biscuits was a different show. I'm only remembering Judge playing at Gilman twice, but maybe I'm forgetting a show. I thought that picture was from the Bold, Judge, Supertouch, Up Front, Unit pride show.

Either way, still not Jim in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Did Pitts sue Gilman for getting hurt at the club while moshing or something?

Mike said...

Joey might be right, however I can't remember ever seeing Unit Pride. But, then again, I can't remember a lot of things.

I'm also fairly certain that Against the Wall didn't play that show.

"This is me, man. I'm a home grill, Danny".

Anonymous said...

who else's father would let them travel across country when they are in 9th grade. awesome

D. Sine said...

I've always loved that cover of Fast Break.

Jon said...

Mikey, your parents were awesome both times we were there. I have some great footage from your house in '91 that I'll have to digitize someday.

Edwin said...

Mike, this is Randy from Against the Wall and I'm pretty sure we did play that show.--at least, I don't think I ever saw Judge there except when we played with them.

I really dug reading Mikey's memories--good stuff.

randy said...

I just realized that Mike is Mikey--funny. How's it, Mikey? I thought we played that show, but since you don't remember it that way I'm starting to doubt myself.

Jim Pitts said...

Nope didn't sue Gilman, just an urban legend. Just like me and Tim Yohannon supposedly getting in a fight, all legends from the punk rock game of telephone.......
But Gilman was cool enough to allow a "Benefit" show for me which brought the only Cali show for Insight; Against The Wall, Inner Strength, and someone else played, but I'm drawing a blank. I'll have to dig out my old flyers!
May not be me in the pic, I only remember John White (Open Your Eyes Zine) and myself giving each other "semi" matching haircuts that weekend while he visited from Seattle, and I had the white "New Age" sweatshirt that Korri Pride had made for me, so I thought it was my young butt!. Either way that show killed!

Joey said...

wow, 20 years later, some things never change.

Urban legend or not, stage diving has not been allowed at Gilman since the "urban legend" started 20 years ago. Speaking of breaking out old flyers, you got a copy of Banned From The Scene?

Back to the important stuff...Mikey rules.

Jeff Terranova said...

I have video of Mikey in my mom's swimming pool acting silly and saying things like "I'm sxe as fuck"... hahahaha... maybe one day it will be digitized for the world's consumption!

Mikey's parents were awesome and more than accommodating to us... Hell, they even offered for me to live in their spare bedroom for a month back in 1992 when I was considering relocating to SoCal!!

Mike Garceau said...

Holy shit, Jeff. That would be hilarious.

Anyway, thanks for all the kind words. I'll make sure to pass them on to my folks.

And Randy, I'm sure you're right. You guys probably did play.

Jim Pitts said...

Never said I didn't break my hip at Gilman, heck I have it on video. I merely said that I nver sued, nor threatend to sue Gilman. That's all.
I also mentioned that they were cool enough to allow a benefit show. I never said anything negative, so I don't really understand the posts attcking me. I always was a super fan of all your bands Joey so the "attitude" in the posts just leave me scracthing my head. I always thought of you as a friend, so this just confuses me......
As far as the "Banned From The Scene" flyer I have a few copies. I sell "signed and numbered" copies in 11" x 14" and 16" x 20".
and of course, to agree with everyone else, FASTBREAK was great!

Tony said...

'Shirts $* - (XL ONLY)' Those were the days!

Jim Pitts said...

By the way.....since it was brought up, I've heard that my "legendary" Banned From The Scene flyer that MRR made was also put on a cover of MRR? I never saw it, but would LOVE to know the number!
That way I can track down copies to sell signed!
(though I don't believe this to exist)
This would be a great memory of a crazy time when those zany lefties at MRR just made stuff up!
Urban Legend says there's t~shirts too, according to people who weren't there....big reward if one of these really exist's! (must be vintage, want it to wear!)
If anyone has any of these....I'm super looking!
Thanks In Advance!

and to keep the groovy vibe going...FastBreak still rules! I'm so going into the garage this weekend and digging them out! Be cool to see all the old...Schism, Good N Plenty, Flipside, MRR, Suberban Voice, xXx, etc.......

Anonymous said...

What is "Banned From the Scene?"

Who buys it?