Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everybody's Scene - Trailer and updates

Everybody's Scene - The Story of Connecticut's Anthrax Club from kencredible on Vimeo.

The book is at the printer! The new website is live, and pre-orders are now being taken. Here is your chance to pre-order the book at a discounted price. Plus there is also an option to get the book and a limited edition, pre-order only t-shirt package deal.

The new website includes a few page spread visuals, pre-order package deals, and a promo video trailer that, I am sure will get you psyched for the book. Jim Martin, famed Anthrax era flyer artist, designed a limited edition t-shirt for those interested in a package deal, this will only be available through this pre-order offer.


BOOK RELEASE PARTY: November 27th in New Haven CT at Café 9a
(CafeNine.com). Lost Generation and Powersurge will re-unite to blast thru sets like it was 1989 (there could be one more band as well). Free food, door prizes/give-aways (Revelation Records, Equal Vision Records, Livewire Records, Brass City Tattoo, Shopshogun Screen Printing, Smorgasbord Records, and more), books for sale, a family re-union of sorts, etc. Details are still being worked out and will be announced shortly. There will also be a smaller all ages event earlier that day in CT as well, again details need worked out. - Chris Daily

Book Notes:
- A complete history of the club
- Foreword by Moby
- Preface by Porcell
- Complete gig list from 1982 - 1990
- Over 225 never before seen photographs
- 208 pages, 7.0" x 10.0", perfect bound book


Stark-Arts said...

i was with them in that trailer right up till the end when they said it was one of a kind and that there was no place else on the east coast doing it at that time...I know everyone wants to feel special and everyone wants to feel like their little part of the world is unique.
The truth is that during that time you had 3 real choices for HC shows
1. Cb's
2. City Gardens (my personal fave)
3. The Antrax

There were other places...
the showplace in dover
Lamours at various times
Fastlanes in Asbury
Unisound in PA
etc etc
but for the NYC metro area the first three were THE places and I agree that the Anthrax was cool but for someone to say it was the only place is silly

Brushback said...

Perhaps the intention was to say that The Anthrax was the one true all-ages DIY club dedicated to hardcore/punk shows and pretty much hardcore/punk shows only-- without a bar serving drinks, or a DJ on some nights for the over-21 crowd, or any extra money-makers like that.

It didn't start out as a blues bar or a roller rink that would eventually host punk shows, or as a metal club that would sometimes have hardcore, like a lot of those other places. It was pretty much started to be a hardcore club, and that's what it was the whole way through.

Anonymous said...

I guess the point being, Anthrax was most consistent and dedicated to HC? I agree with Brushback about other places being not totally Punk/HC venues. Pizazz or the Pyramid had there moments. I would say the Unisound was close, but it didn't hold a candle to the Anthrax, probably because there just weren't as many kids out in Pennsyltuckey, the local bands were not that great (Conviction/Transmission excluded) and Jake was INSANE, and ripped everyone off. City Gardens was obviously up there, but there were a lot of other things going on different nights, and plus the later no stage dive rule made the pit completely over-run by completely mal-adjusted new jack bullies. And Middlesex? Not a club, but pretty darn consistent.

Anonymous said...

jezuz christmas...of all the things to comment about! get a life!

how about this for a comment:

congrats chris smorgasbord daily on the book, can't wait to see it!



What you have to keep in mind is that comment that you grabbed and ran with, was spoken by one person (Bill Knapp from 76% Uncertain) that Chris interviewed. I don't think Chris believes that The Anthrax was the only club happening at that time and I'm sure that is not the sentiments of the book.

I will also say, I've seen rough versions of the book and it's phenomenal. Tons of mind blowing photos, incredible interviews, flyers, it's got it all. Chris did a killer job on it.

Anonymous said...

Stark...I will agree there were many clubs that had as many, if not more great shows. I've been to shows at every club you listed, Brushback hit it, the Anthrax was a club 100% about punk/hardcore (although had some metal shows and reggae shows as well). In that respect the Anthrax was a one of a kind place, besides the fact that I am doing and promoting a book on the club, of course there will be some dramatic glorifying going on.

The Anthrax was a special place and when it closed it DID close a chapter in a lot of people's lives, the club had many more aspects to promote free thinking than just some bands playing on a Saturday night.

Again, all the places you listed...were great as well.

Chris Daily

Stark-Arts said...

What I think is funny - is that i DID say that it was in the top 3 (and I think those 3 get ranked depending on where you lived) - what i was commenting on was the last statement

"i was with them in that trailer right up till the end when they said it was one of a kind and that there was no place else on the east coast doing it at that time"

So - I don't think i denigrated Chris and if it sounded that way
I apologize....more so than that I congratulate him and look forward to getting my hands on his book. This has been a good year for books that celebrate that time in my life with this and Norman and even the John Joseph book...

I also am fairly certain I didn't denigrate the Anthrax. I said it was one of my 3 faves at that time...i was never in the first place but ended up in the newer one many times if CB's was running the same show as City Gardens (not the exact but you know what i mean if you made that trip down the turnpike often)

Apologies to anyone that might have been hurt except for the alwasys brave ANONYMOUS - have the courage to post who you are when you tell someone to get a life...

thanks to DxCx crew for putting together a great blog...