Monday, September 7, 2009

SNFU - Pigs Can Fly

DCXX resident photographer, Ken Salerno delivers the goods as usual. This time Ken brings us one of the most photogenic hardcore punk bands of all time, SNFU. It was nearly impossible to narrow down the 30 something photos that Ken contributed for this piece, so we're going to split this up into a couple of entries. Here's part one accompanied by Ken's commentary. As always, thanks to Ken, now open your mouth and say... -Tim DCXX

I was checkin' out the Livewire board last week and saw some comments on Chi Pig/SNFU, and well, I'm submitting a different take on a photo essay. I traveled a bit with SNFU on a few occasions, so, while the Murphy's Law pics from the Ritz (posted here a few weeks back) were of a favorite show of mine, I now want to get to some of my favorite groups. I'd be very hard pressed to boil them down to maybe 25 or even 30, because I hardly ever saw a band I didn't like. But it's a little easier to have faves if you actually had some kind of personal contact with them.

So, SNFU...I jumped in their van after a show at City Gardens and went up to Albany for a show. Then we went over to Leominster, Mass for a "pick up hockey game" against a team of friends from Bridgewater. Leominster was the hot bed of street hockey(ball). From there we cruised up to the Canadian border and I took a bus back. This is my favorite lineup: Chi, Curt, Tim, and the Belkes, Mutt/Bunt.

It was easy to burn up tons of film on those guys, because they were always on...from the moment they hit their first note, it was nonstop mayhem, and they could ALL get major air!!! I hope these pics at least show a fraction of their intensity. SNFU is in my all time top 10. Haven't talked to Ken (Chi) in quite a while, but I DO know from experience what it's like to be swimming in a river of shit. I am definitely coming out for them when they tour this year.

These shots are from City Gardens, Maxwell's, and Albany...this is but the tip of the iceberg. - Ken Salerno

All SNFU photos: Ken Salerno


Anonymous said...

Awesome. So glad I was able to see them back in the day.

Billy said...

SNFU were the second band I ever interviewed for THINK fanzine back in the mid 80's. I saw them play at the infamous VFW hall show in Buena Park where UC and Doggy Style opened for them. It was an really cool experience to meet a band from another country and have a positive experience with them. I remember Chi kept telling me he had a second career as the guy on the Hawaian Punch can.
I hope that Chi can find his inner chi and recover.

shaun citrus said...

Great pictures!! I got into punk/hardcore growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which wouldn't mean shit if it weren't for hometown heroes SNFU. Their records and shows blew my mind!! It didn't matter how small the stage was, or if there even was one, the band was always full of energy and you could count on Chi Pig to bring out some props. Good times.
Oh, and the drummer in these pictures is Ted Simm, not Tim (i can see how you could mix that one up).

Angryaholic said...

best SNFU lineup...although the first three albums are all amazing...ted simms was/is one of my favorite punk rock drummers ever (besides john card of personality crisis). i'm always suprised SNFU isn't mentioned more on hardcore blogs and message boards! ups to Double Cross! amazing pics!

0ut0fStep said...

I saw them a few weeks ago here in germany. boring.

Anonymous said...

Dear OutofStep,

You're 20 years too late.

I also find Germany BORING.