Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poll results for favorite Circle Jerks album

Keith Morris and Doug Carrion with the Circle Jerks at City Gardens, Trenton NJ, Photo: Ken Salerno

Circle Jerks are one of those bands that you absolutely have to own at least one of their records. Whether the record you track down is Group Sex, Wild In The Streets or Wonderful, any will do as a starter. For me at some point in 1986 it was Wonderful, then I worked my way back to the classics. Eventually I settled upon Group Sex as my favorite and my personal pick here for this poll, but wow... Wild In The Streets is a damn good record as well.

As reliable and consistent as always, Ken Salerno comes through with some killer Circle Jerks shots to coincide with these poll results. Deny everything, deny everything... -Tim DCXX

Keith and Doug at City Gardens, all Photos to follow: Ken Salerno

Circle Jerks - Group Sex - 179
Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets - 47
Circle Jerks - Golden Shower of Hits - 17
Circle Jerks - Wonderful - 12
Circle Jerks - VI - 8
Circle Jerks - Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities - 3


Kiww said...

First show - 12/30/88

Circle Jerks at Club Bene Sayreville NJ
The Return of Elvis Tour !!!

John said...

How can you guys rate "IV" so low down on the poll? It is practically a straight edge record and it got me through high school with just as much impact as Youth of Today or 7 Seconds did.

Check out these lyrics. You guys gotta put some time into listening to that record...

(from "I'm Alive")
The world could be such a better place
Who needs that garbage- It's all such
a waste
Don't need the drugs- don't need the
Abuse that stuff you'll only loose
A big decision- make it right
It's a battle- win the fight
Everythings gonna be all right
I wanna fly- I wanna fly

Seriously, "Wild In The Streets" is a joke album.

Come on Sweet Pete, back me up.

Billy said...

My favorite circle jerks moment is the acoustic performance in Repo Man. Coincidentaly the first show I ever saw was Bad Religion openinng for TSOL and the Circle Jerks in 1984 at the Olympic auditorium.

Anonymous said...

i first saw the circle jerks on the wonderful tour. @ the anthrax, in like '86. i have "live fast" & "die young" tattooed on my chest in banners (the black flag bars are in the banners too) the BEST record IS the First.

Stormy said...

Group Sex as a landslide win was not too much of a shocker.

Actually, that's the only Circle Jerks album i think is worth a shit. That's just me though, i know a lot of people like Wild in the Streets.

springaisgod said...

wild in the streets was the first album i've got from the jerks. it was edited in europe via step-forward records '82. the sound wasn't as good as group sex, but the songs are fuckin' awesome!!!. shame, the band remixed it (very badly) in '87, and it lost all the anger in a bad cut and a lame clean sound. but for me wild in the streets is the jerks at their peak!!.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE "VI".
There are so many awesome songs on it.

Hails The JERKS!


Anonymous said...

Circle Jerks - Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities

actually got 3 votes. debbie gibson and keith morris must be checking out double cross but who was the 3rd vote?

Anonymous said...

hey, who`s the dudes on bass and drums on these photos?

definitely voted for Group Sex, it`s actually still in my top 10 hc/punk records from the 80`s but as for other stuff, actually I like Wonderful better than Wild In The Street, oh well...


ken salerno said...

in the city gardens photos, doug carrion was playin' bass.... he was also touring with dag nasty at the time, and was a quick fill in on bass.....the airport music hall photos ,old reliable zander schloss was back on bass.... keith clark is on drums in all these photos..... clark is one of my all time favorite drummers.... he left the music scene and is now an income tax guru (tax accountant)

Sean said...

Zander Schloss is the fucking MAN. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

ok, thanx Ken...


reindeer man said...

Still remember showing up to to see a Jerks gig in NoCal at the same time the cops stormed the place. Needless to say missed the show.

Group Sex is genius, but right up there is the Golden Shower. Perfect soundtrack to piss off my straight-laced high school!

Devadeva Mirel said...

Kiww--that was my first show, too! loved it!

Marco said...

If you gals and guys have account on facebook I'm sure will like that! Nice fanpage of Circle Jerks w/ a bunch of photos & videos about the band only: