Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ken Salerno's SNFU Part II

Here's the continuation of Ken Salerno's SNFU photo entry. As I said last entry, Ken contributed over 30 photos of SNFU alone, so there are still a handful left that we may post at some point down the road. For now, beware of the Bodies In the Wall and go listen to some SNFU. -Tim DCXX


mrs.missalaineus said...

snfu/pitbull, u windsor, summer 1989. when i left that show with my friend pat, i never knew it was the last time i would ever see him alive.

these are great photos and even though i never saw bands play that far east back in the day, the snaps reminded me of where i came from and why i still do what i did then, now.

thank you.


Ben Edge said...

Bass player is wearing the very first model Airwalks. Right?

Agent A. said...

Anonymous Agent A. said...

That was certainly an airborne Ted drumming, doing Winnipeg, Canada proud in Part 1 of these classic SNFU posts.

Like the SNFU Gravedigger demands, it was always swarms upon swarms who obeyed the command to “Get into the pit!” at those (many! They'd be here about twice a year it seemed...)late 80's shows packed with energy and fun I luckily caught. Regardless of the venue there was always bodies flying off of everything (and In the Wall?) including The Ceiling every time they hit town. Total tornadoes of arms, fists, (Where’s My Legs?!), plaid, vans, boots, denim, leather, big puffy shoes and whirlwind of flying skaters-a few bangers(DRI, COC and Slayer were helping end the hair-length there weren't dance-floor tribal trouble going on...)-skins-hardcore punks-and many hyperactive others who likely would not have been in a picture in Better Homes and Gardens.

You'd look at the stage (like catching a quick breath before the Cannibal Cafe would kick in at The Cauldron) and there'd be at least one SNFU member in the air at all times.

I remember not knowing what this one new song of theirs was (it was still a while before “Better Than a Stick in the Eye” would come out), but the song was so explosively catchy and pit-startingly amazing and asked, no, DEMANDED that instant stage-dives occur. That ringing “downhill skiing” guitar line during the chorus only added to the air you’d get flying off a monitor.

When “Better Than…” came out I remember that song coming on and thinking “Yes. THAT's that song.”

I don't know if they did this cover in other towns (or how many DC readers will be interested or even know these bands) during the 80’s, but I know the first times I heard the chillingly incredible "Wonder What They're Thinking" by Personality Crisis, it was SNFU burning through it (sadly I missed on seeing the great Personality Crisis...).

Every time I've seen SNFU since those gloriously energetic 80’s shows, Chi has always given his all. Ted, though no long with them for years upon years, still pounds away in local Winnipeg punk and hardcore bands carrying on the Canadian DOA-Subumans-Personality Crisis-Canuck Punk Drumbeat tradition (Chuck Biscuits, Dimwit, Jon Card...)…

(and I think it's time to listen to some rockin' olde Youth Youth Youth, Genetic Control, Beyond Possession, StretchMarks, UnwAnted, D.A.C., Artificial Life, MourningSickness, GlobalGenocide, Riot.303...)

Now, before I Forget and you are so old at heart that it is Time to Buy a Futon, everybody listen for The Devil's Voice when you do a flip off of some sort of height and the cold war Black Cloud hits and brings Misfortune to your Broken Toy and remember...

"It's not a job, it's an adventure!"

One! Two! SNFU!

Agent A. said...

Oh yeah, that song off of "Better Than..." was the galloping circle pit of Postman's Pet Peeve. That ringing guitar in the chorus still says "Here's an extra couple feet of air and fun for your stagedive..."

Jiop said...

There's a Chi Pig movie out now too I see:

'Open your mouth and say Mr Chi Pig'

Anonymous said...

I was at the City Gardens show... thanks for sharing the great pix.