Wednesday, September 2, 2009

50 bands Mike Judge has seen

This is another one of those entries we've gathered from scouring the depths of Facebook. Maybe you've seen it, maybe you haven't, but either way it's now here in the DCXX archives. Not much of an introduction needed, 50 bands Mike Judge has seen and a couple of choice comments to follow. Kinda cool to think that right here is a list of bands that influenced / left an impression on Mike and what would become the mighty Judge. -Tim DCXX

1. 1st Show: Misfits with Black Flag and the Necros at Hittsville in Passaic, NJ

2. Black Flag
3. Necros
4. Abused
5. Cause for Alarm
6. Agnostic Front
7. Reagan Youth
8. Urban Waste
9. The Mob
10. Bad Brains
11. Major Conflict
12. Counter Force
13. Mode of Ignorance
14. Cro-Mags
15. Cavity Creeps
16. Murphy's Law
17. Jerry's Kid
18. SSD
19. DYS
20. Slapshot
21. Gilligans Revenge
22. Negative Approach
23. Minor Threat
24. Faith
25. Void
26. Iron Cross
27. Flipper
28. Fang
29. Crucifix
30. Minutemen
31. Dead Kennedys
32. Angry Samoans
33. X
34. UK Subs
35. Beef Eater
36. Vice Squad
37. Motor Head
38. Young & Useless
39. Megadeth
40. Celtic Frost
41. Slayer
42. Anthrax
43. Merciful Fate
44. American Standard
45. Tom Waits
46. Neil Young
47. Hank III
48. Lucky Tubb
49. Underdog
50. Circle Jerks

Mark Ryan: I remember that Black Flag show at Hitsville. I didn't go that night but that's the one I was talking about in the Sam McPheeters interview. I went to the sound check on my BMX and the club owner wouldn't let me in. I wound up riding aggressively in front of the club and cursing him out, then he was like "Ok kid, you got heart, c'mon in". As soon as I walked in Henry and Glen called me over and asked me what my name was and I nervously hung out with them and got to see Black Flag's soundcheck. Bummed I couldn't get into the real show though, I thought about trying to hide in the bathroom or something but it wouldn't have been so easy with my bike.

Mike Judge: Yeah, I didn't list alot bands, just the ones that popped in my head. Most people want to hear about those old Lower East Side shows anyway. It's weird how much live music we've seen. Between CB's, Pyramid, Gildersleeves, Rock hotel, Max's and the old Ritz, we've seen alot of bands bro. I even left out my favorite show of all time, Misfits, Kraut, and Even Worse at Irving Plaza. Thats the night Jerry and Doyle destroyed the Rapid Deployment punks right in the middle of their set. Then they went back on stage and played WE Bite! epic night man. I also left out all those great Jersey bands. 50 just aint enough.


Tim said...

Holy shit! That is a killer list!

Chris said...

Much respect to Montville's ryder man. Nutley Football '09

Billy said...

What a great list. The first one would be enough for me.

the mosher said...


Anonymous said...

m.o.i.!!! the pre-cromags band!!! with bloodclot, doug and harley!!! i've heard than eric casanova (first cromags singer) was playin' drums with the young and the useless around 1983. Mike, you saw it all!!!, and you were a little teenager!!.

Cargawar said...

why this entry?
I saw thousands of bands

roger nyhc said...
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roger nyhc said...

Why this entry? do you really need to ask? something tells me that your euro-trash ass hasn't seen anything half as cool as black flag, the misfits, abused, necros, reagan youth, urban waste, mode of ignorance, ssd, dys or iron cross in your entire waste of life. go take a bath euro-trash.

the mosher said...

button it carga!

Cargawar said...

@Roger & The Mosher: who cares?
I was around 10 in 1981.
At least I got to see the best of US bands when I grew older AND our euro trash of which you seem to be extremely jealous of.
Btw: these bands mentioned weren't all that great.

Again: I saw thousands of bands. I demand a piece of my own @ DCXX!

whybesomethingyournot said...

Do you think those bands are not very good?, well, what are you doin' in this blog?. i think you're a tosser. fuck you a fish.

roger nyhc said...

wait a minute, did i understand that correctly? are you saying that i am "extremely jealous" of the euro hc scene? you are joking right? yeah, that might be the funniest comment i've ever read on this site. this carga guy is a real crack up!

PUNISHER said...

"carga" - fuck off fruitbag. you've brought nothin but stupid comments and criticisms to this site in my time following it. move on.

PUNISHER said...

actually, come to think of it, "cargawar" - who the fuck are you? please, humor me. if you are gonna run your mouth, especially on a dude like mike judge, tell me you can at least bring some heat. i dont think you can. pony up nancy boy.

Cargawar said...

As a matter of fact: Mike Judge has been my hero ever since I heard the first 7".
Much respect for the man.

I ain't saying these bands are crap though. I'm saying it's fucking loony tune to worship some guy's visited-show list. Get a life wanker.
And no, I'm not saying this to Mike.