Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poll results for favorite Big Boys record

Big Boys, Photo: Steve Risteen

My introduction to the Big Boys was through skateboarding and the Thrasher skate rock compilation tapes, volume one and two. Granted back then I pretty much loved every band on those first couple Thrasher comps, but once I picked up "No Matter How Long The Line..." at a record store in Phoenix AZ, summer 1987, I was a fan. Eventually I got my hands on "Lullabies Help The Brain Grow", and that quickly fell into regular rotation as well.

With this poll it was obvious that many of the readers either weren't familiar with the Big Boys or didn't care enough to vote, but really it didn't matter. For me it's just fun to mix it up and maybe even shine a little light on a band that a few people might not have noticed otherwise.

Thanks to those that voted and for those unfamiliar, check out this video of "No", the first track off, "No Matter How Long The Line...", one of my personal favorites. -Tim DCXX

Big Boys - "Lullabies Help The Brain Grow" - 58
Big Boys - "No Matter How Long The line..." - 23
Big Boys - "Where's My Towel / Industry Standard" - 20
Big Boys - "Live At Raul's" (Split with the Dicks) - 9

Randy "Biscuit" Turner fronting the Big Boys, Photo: Steve Risteen


Ben Edge said...

There is no possible way the Big Boys weren't listening to "Slip It In" by Black Flag when they wrote the song "No". Both great songs, of course.

Anonymous said...

I'm saddened that this is one of the lowest voted on polls. To me, the Big Boys are the greatest. Any band that has Minor Threat worried about how they are going to be as good as them is awesome in my book.

Agent A. said...

Am I wrong in thinking "We're Not In it To Lose" on the Lullabies LP has to be one of the best songs about standing up for the flag of hardcore-punk-rock ever written?! (Though maybe outdone, by the Big Boys again, by "Fun, Fun, Fun" on the 1982 EP?!! (with the incredible lyrics:

I'm a punk and I like Sham,
Cockney Rejects are the world's greatest band
But I like Joy Division and Public Image too
Even though that's not what I'm supposed to do)

While I'm not the biggest Joy Division fan (continued below)

(before someone out there glares at me disapprovingly with their discerning taste all in a ruffle, YES, Joy Division were a great groundbreaking band and "Warsaw is..." and "..." but I just honestly am never in the "mood" to listen to Joy Division that much...I guess my brain just takes Killing Joke or Nick Blinko and his pals incredible music when the world is looking apocalyptic...that and some Amebix and Nuclear Assault, while watching some incredible Road Warrior rip-off movie like Warlords of the 21st Century...)

I can totally appreciate exactly what the Big Boys are saying, and for that matter, I can also, in the same vein, totally enjoy
Blitz's (that'd be Blitz Mach II, without Nidge...who's Blitz (Mach III?) "Killing Dream" album with the Attak singer on vocals has guitar so catchy it can change the weather) "Second Empire Justice" album (c'mon, "Solar" sounds like a day starting, the sun coming up over a mountain and molecules forming in an early 80's science show, and who doesn't like that?)

WHOAH! BACK to where I originally wanted to go with this quick comment...

If you're a Big Boys fan, go here:

Okay, now I have to go and listen to Ready to Ruck off that first Rejects album!!!!

Agent A. said...

That was certainly an airborne Ted drumming, doing Winnipeg, Canada proud in Part 1 of these classic SNFU posts.

Like the SNFU Gravedigger demands, it was always swarms upon swarms who obeyed the command to “Get into the pit!” at those (many! They'd be here about twice a year it seemed...)late 80's shows packed with energy and fun I luckily caught. Regardless of the venue there was always bodies flying off of everything (and In the Wall?) including The Ceiling every time they hit town. Total tornadoes of arms, fists, (Where’s My Legs?!), plaid, vans, boots, denim, leather, big puffy shoes and whirlwind of flying skaters-a few bangers(DRI, COC and Slayer were helping end the hair-length there weren't dance-floor tribal trouble going on...)-skins-hardcore punks-and many hyperactive others who likely would not have been in a picture in Better Homes and Gardens.

You'd look at the stage (like catching a quick breath before the Cannibal Cafe would kick in at The Cauldron) and there'd be at least one SNFU member in the air at all times.

I remember not knowing what this one new song of theirs was (it was still a while before “Better Than a Stick in the Eye” would come out), but the song was so explosively catchy and pit-startingly amazing and asked, no, DEMANDED that instant stage-dives occur. That ringing “downhill skiing” guitar line during the chorus only added to the air you’d get flying off a monitor.

When “Better Than…” came out I remember that song coming on and thinking “Yes. THAT's that song.”

I don't know if they did this cover in other towns (or how many DC readers will be interested or even know these bands) during the 80’s, but I know the first times I heard the chillingly incredible "Wonder What They're Thinking" by Personality Crisis, it was SNFU burning through it (sadly I missed on seeing the great Personality Crisis...).

Every time I've seen SNFU since those gloriously energetic 80’s shows, Chi has always given his all. Ted, though no long with them for years upon years, still pounds away in local Winnipeg punk and hardcore bands carrying on the Canadian DOA-Subumans-Personality Crisis-Canuck Punk Drumbeat tradition (Chuck Biscuits, Dimwit, Jon Card...)…

(and I think it's time to listen to some rockin' olde Youth Youth Youth, Genetic Control, Beyond Possession, StretchMarks, UnwAnted, D.A.C., Artificial Life, MourningSickness, GlobalGenocide, Riot.303...)

Now, before I Forget and you are so old at heart that it is Time to Buy a Futon, everybody listen for The Devil's Voice when you do a flip off of some sort of height and the cold war Black Cloud hits and brings Misfortune to your Broken Toy and remember...

"It's not a job, it's an adventure!"

One! Two! SNFU!

Peyote Mudbug said...

In 1992 I saw The Beastie Boys @Randy's Ballroom in S.A. Texas. During their set they dedicated one of their songs to The Big Boys. Only a handful of us in the 2000+ crowd knew who the Beasties were talking about.

Wreck Collection is a good record albeit post-breakup.

Fun Fun Fun