Monday, August 17, 2009

Navy Jim Nargiso - Youth Crew roadie

Navy Jim between Walter and Tom Capone on the Beyond / Project X Niagra Falls roadtrip 1988, Photo courtesy of: Navy Jim

One show that always sticks out in my mind is the famous "Shutdown" show that happened at CB's: Y.O.T, Gorilla Biscuits and Side By Side. I remember that in the weeks leading up to it, CB's and The Ritz stopped stage diving and added more bouncers, etc. For some reason, at that show people were going out of their minds, I remember seeing guys hanging and swinging on the PA speakers that were chained to the ceiling!

At the end of the show the place went crazy and that was it for shows for a couple weeks. The next week in the Village Voice, the CB's ad just said CANCELLED for the Sunday matinee. It lasted a couple weeks but that was a turning point in the scene. YOT, GB and Side By Side on the same stage, with every kid inside CB's going fucking insane...that's a great memory.

Navy Jim makes his way across the Anthrax stage while Project X tears it up behind him, Photo courtesy of: Navy Jim


Anonymous said...

Midgets. "On the short side." Tiny. Diminutive. "Little guys." "All 5' 2" of him." "You won't be riding this rollercoaster. You have to be 48-inches minimum." Randy Newman's inspiration for that song entitled you-know-what.

Daryl K said...

I remember Jim from Montclair, NJ many years ago. We hung out a few times. Cool guy. It was either through him or SXE Russ that Inside Out ended up staying at my house one night.

Daryl / CXA

Anonymous said...

The shut down show...
YOT started booking shows at the Pyramid and decided to make CBGB the enemy.

The reason CBGB was trying to at least give the appearance of trying to control the stage diving was their insurance company insisted on it after a couple of kids who got boo-boos decided to sue the club.
No insurance, no shows... that simple.

Narrow minded kids saw the club as the enemy... the club that was letting them have shows and had been a home to HC/punk since it began was the enemy?

YOT encouraged kids to go nuts, fuck CBGB, and shut it down.
And they did for a while.

Typical late 80's straightdege thinking... preach unity, but fuck the scene and everyone who isn't straight edge.
So YOT shut down their competition for a while.
too bad their Pyramid shows didn't last.