Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kevin Egan - Beyond

Walter and Kevin hang outside a CB's Sunday matinee, Photo courtesy of Kevin Egan

I have a thousand great memories of shows. The one that's popping in my head right now is when I first saw Bad Religion. I had actually never heard of them. This was in '88 I think. Raw Deal was opening for them and that's who I went to see. I was catching a ride with Anthony from Raw Deal back to Queens where I was staying that night so I had to stick around until Bad Religion finished. When I walked into CB's, it looked exactly like those old PUNK/HC cartoon album covers where people are spinning in the air and flying off the walls. That's what it really looked like. And Bad Religion were just incredible. This was when "Suffer" (their best LP) came out and they were blazing through the songs one after another. It was an impression that has still stuck with me to this day.

Kevin and Tom with Beyond at the Pyramid Club, NYC, Photo courtesy of: Kevin Egan


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