Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best of Facebook's Old School HC group

Old school Boston "Pigpile" at the SS Decontrol, Gang Green, Jerry's Kids show at The Media Workshop 1981.

Al Barile in the back with the X's on his hands, Jake Phelps with the "Stick man" drawn on his forearm. Steve Grimes (FU's) with the green on his shoulder. Photo: Drew Stone

SS Decontrol at the Media Workshop 1981. Bob Furapples (FU's Drummer) in the red shirt leaning against the wall next to John Sox (FU's singer) in the Blue shirt. Jon Anastas on stage wearing the old school "Hand made" Teen Idles" shirt behind a sitting Al "Lethal" Barile.

Photo included in the upcoming "Oral History Of Boston Punk & Hardcore" by Drew Stone, Photo: Drew Stone

The Misfits in the Channel dressing room, Photo: Steve Risteen

Bill Wilson: Is this the club where the legend of Anthony hitting kids with a table started to stop a brawl?

Anthony Comunale: I tried to stop a fight and hit nobody.

Bill Wilson: Yes, that's the miracle of the hardcore grapevine. You tried to stop a fight and 3 weeks later you are the incredible hulk.

Anthony Comunale: That sucks because it was such a great club. The shows were put on by the Griggs sisters, Meredith and Nicky and I think Jenny Buck.

Salt Lake City, Utah 1989. Bad Brains, Leeway and Sick Of It All, Photo courtesy of: Joe Bossler


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