Sunday, August 16, 2009

Danzig at City Gardens 1988

Not to beat a deadhorse, but we had to share these great Danzig photos from their first show by none other than the legend himself, Ken Salerno. City Gardens in Trenton, NJ, April 1988. Again, a major thanks to Salerno! -Gordo DCXX

Glenn Danzig, John Christ, Eerie Von and Chuck Biscuits... the ultimate Danzig lineup that produced four phenomenal albums (Danzig I, II, III and IV). Ken Salerno captured the band in their very early stages playing none other than the stage of Trenton's own, City Gardens in April of 1988. Thanks to Ken for letting us share what Gordo and I believe to be one of the greatest eras of Danzig's career. -Tim DCXX

"There's all kinds of schisms in Satanism, but the thing I like about it is the quest for knowledge. Other religions are more like, 'No, you're not allowed to learn any of this. Only the select few are allowed.' ... I don't see any holy wars being fought in the name of Satan." - Glenn Danzig


Anonymous said...

Had the first album been released yet? I'd love to see what the set list was being people are singing along; i wish i coulda been there...


Although off hand I don't know the actual release date of Danzig I, I'm pretty sure it wasn't released by this particular show at City Gardens. As for the set list, here you go, I happened to have the live set. -Tim DCXX

1. Twist of Cain
2. Mother of Mercy
3. Am I Demon
4. London Dungeon
5. She Rides
6. Black Dream
7. The End of Time
8. To Walk the Night
9. Halloween II
10. Mother
11. The Hunter
12. Evil Thing
13. Horror Biz
14. The Shift
15. Trouble
16. Not of This World

-cja said...

sick pictures! just wish they were larger.

Trido said...

The first picture was definitely in an issue of Thrasher sometime around Fall 88.

JD said...

The lp wasn't out yet. My neighbor was at the show and recorded it for me because it was late on a sunday night and I was 15 and had school the next day. I made a copy of that tape and listened to it every day for months.

And then he said...

Eerie Von playing with goddamn gloves on is ridiculous. Wild pics of a raging band

Anonymous said...

My lord those pics are fucking AMAZING!




Isaac Golub said...

Danzig played out here in OC the same year at some tiny metal club in Anaheim called Jezebel's. All the KNAC up and commers played there. There were only about 14 people there but it was still good. I knew a guy who knew a guy so we chilled in the Danzig tour bus. Danzig is a douche but the band and songs are great, he should just shut up unless he is singing.

Is Biscuits still a heroin addict? Kicked out of Danzig AND Social Distortion for the same reason. I hope he is doing better.

Ben Edge said...

"UNHOLY PASSION" on back of bass. Rad.

art said...

I was at this show. It was the first one they ever played. I have the setlist, ticket stubb and flyer with Danzig signature, talked wit him before the show! He also signed my "walk among us" shirt. GWAR opened, nobody knew who they were. We knew afterwords!

timcaf said...

best post. Bring on all posts related to Danzig.

frbird400 said...
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frbird400 said...
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Joederus said...

wow, agree with all here. amazing pics!! I am in super envy of all you who were actually there! AND GWAR opened up!! WOW! what a show! do you have any pix of them from that night? 2 of my all time favs in one night! HAIL!!

Man-oh-Manitou said...

These are excellent pics. I saw them four months later in Hollywood (opening for Slayer), they were amazing and a little bit scary there, too.

Peyote Mudbug said...

Definitely remember that first Danzig photo in a 1988 issue of Thrasher Magazine. There was a comment accompanying the pic. Danzig supposedly couldn't stop laughing after being told a joke.

I saw this original Danzig lineup in Texas summer of '89. Didn't care for their music at the time. Just wanted to hear Misfits songs and believe it or not a few were actually played, along w/ some Samhain. Looking back at that night they were a rock-solid band.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I'm in those pics!