Monday, August 3, 2009

Cro-Mags live at The Ritz 1986

Cro-Mags at The Ritz, NYC 1986, playing "World Peace" and "Show You No Mercy".

Following up last night's videos by The Icemen, Gordo and I here at DCXX have decided to devote this entire week to videos. Last night was Gordo's pick and tonight is mine. Stay tuned for more great videos through out the week.

This is the Cro-Mags at their all time peek, arguably the greatest band of 1986, "Age Of Quarrel" tour, opening for Motorhead and in their hometown of NYC at The Ritz. Although a couple of these videos lack in quality, it really doesn't matter, it's the fuckin' Cro-Mags in their prime. Gotta kill, gotta fight, gotta crush demoniac... -Tim DCXX

Cro-Mags at The Ritz, NYC 1986, playing "Seekers Of The Truth", "It's The Limit" and "Hard Times".

Cro-Mags "Crush The Demoniac" at The Ritz, NYC 1986


Anonymous said...

That solo rules in Crush The Demoniac. 2:11...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the "Crush the Demoniac" poster that they did?

Ben Edge said...

god, I wish JJ did vocals on Best Wishes almost as much as I wish Smalley did vocals on Wig Out.

Cro-Mags: 50% hardcore, 50% metal, 100% awesome.