Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DOUBLE CROSS - The Year In Review II

Trevor, Tim and Taryn McMahon at the Phillies World Series parade, Photo: Traci McMahon

When Gordo and I talked about doing a "Year In Review Top 5" type of entry, originally we were both going to talk about our favorite interviews that came together here on DCXX. As Gordo finished his piece and I read through it, it left me thinking that Gordo and I probably had a lot of the same favorites. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to be able to expand upon what he said and wasn't sure if it was worth doing my own if the difference weren't that drastic. Instead I decided to take a slightly different angle and discuss my general top 5 of 2008. Some hardcore related, some not, all personally substantial to me. -Tim DCXX

The Philadelphia Phillies winning the 2008 World Series - Being a follower of Philadelphia sports, seeing the Phillies bring home a championship to the city of Philadelphia was huge. Getting to go to one of the World Series games, being at the sports complex when the Phillies clenched the championship and then going to the parade and post-parade celebration at Citizens Banks Park was phenomenal. Hopefully it's not a once in a lifetime experience.

2. The completion of the Mouthpiece "Can't Kill What's Inside" Discography for Revelation - Considering this project took 4 years to complete, finally finishing it and submitting everything to Revelation was both a huge relief and a very satisfying moment. Revelation Records and those early releases really set the standards and laid the groundwork for everything Mouthpiece wanted to do as a band. To release our complete collection of recordings on this label means a lot to me and I can only hope this discography accurately defines everything we were about.

The creation and actual following through with Double Cross - Another project that I had been contemplating for years, both in print format and digitally online. To finally get this concept off the ground in some format felt like a long time goal that had finally be achieved. Pulling Gordo aboard turned a flame into a full blown inferno. Expect much more from DCXX in 2009.

4. The First Step's final show - Following this band from the moment I received the demo in the mail, to seeing them play basement shows and halls to 15 people, to being instrumental in the release of their demo 7" and "Open Hearts and Clear Minds" 7" on Livewire Records, to watching them slowly but steadily grow into a serious force, I felt like I was there every step of the way. Most definitely my favorite hardcore band of the 2000's and some of the classiest and sincere individuals I've come in contact with. Seeing these guys play their last show was both a bum out, yet very fulfilling. It was sad to see the best straight edge hardcore band of the past 8 years end it, but it was great to know what they had accomplished and how they had left their mark. The show it's self was a perfect send-off, definitely the best all around show I'd seen them play. I know I left that show sweaty, achey and tired and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

5. The Philadelphia Eagles miraculously having the opportunity to get into the playoffs and then completely demolishing the Dallas Cowboys to make sure it happens - Being an Eagles fanatic and watching the 2008 season go through it's highs and lows, the way week 16 went down was simply mind blowing. Needing the Oakland Raiders to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Houston Texans to beat the Chicago Bears, it seemed very unlikely that the Eagles would get that help to even have the opportunity. Sometime miracles happen and week 16 brought those miracles to reality. Both the Raiders and the Texans won, which left the door open for the Eagles to beat the Cowboys and squeak into the playoffs. Then there was the actual Eagles, Cowboys game... wow. Philadelphia stepped it up and simply tore the Cowboys to shreds. 44 to 6 was the final score, but even those numbers don't show how humiliating of beating the Eagles put on the Cowboys. What a way to end the season, what a way to slip into the playoffs. What 2009 will bring is still a mystery, but like Ray said... " I have faith".

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Seeing my son start kindergarten, The Jimmy Yu interview at his parents house in the Poconos, The Albany mountain bike ride with Daily, Zusi, Reddy and Cappo, A full year of Stern on Sirius, The Double Cross shirts, The constant stream of photos from Ken Salerno...

The First Step - Something Inside from hate5six productions on Vimeo.
The First Step, Final Show, Lemoyne PA, September 6, 2008


Anonymous said...

Happy new year!!!! Mine sucked but such is life!

Anonymous said...

something insiiiiiiiiiiiiide!

Anonymous said...

For me, putting both ICE EPs on CD this year is a VERY close third behind getting my current job and voting for Obama. Nothin' like making formerly vinyl only releases available for the masses to hear again after over a decade and a half via the internets.

Fernando Paz said...

well everything you wrote on this post was great, (the first step, the philies winning the world series, etc) excpet the one where the eagles defeaed the cowboys, that sucked, since im a big cowboys fan hahah, but i accept it was such an embarrasing defeat for the cowboys....

hapy new year
greetings from mexico

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