Thursday, December 4, 2008

A7 Reunion piece

Jimmy Gestapo, photo: Vince Outlook

It's very rare in the world of freelance journalism when you get to write about something you really have a passion for. When Rob Harvilla (the music editor of the Village Voice) threw me the bone of writing a pre-show piece on the A7 reunion coming up this Saturday at the Knitting Factory at 6 pm (plug! plug!) I was stoked beyond belief. Within a few days of getting the assignment, I had tapes and tapes of everyone from Jimmy Gestapo to Jerry Williams talking about the glory days of early 80's NYHC. The unedited interviews collected for writing the piece will eventually see their way to the Double Cross site, but for now, here's a link to the article in this week's Village Voice. Hope you dig - Tony Rettman

Click Here For Village Voice A7 Piece

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Bryan Swirsky said...

thank you for the article! i cannot believe we got the lead story in the music section. you are amazing and thanks for doing a bang up job!!!