Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zine Review - The Ghent Decontrol

Bart De Duytsche's zine may have been created in Belgium, but its true spirit hails from the big apple and no place else.

The previous issues of The Ghent Decontrol ranged in bands and coverage, but this final issue of Bart's is full-on NYHC worship, in a good way. It's a jam-packed full-size zine featuring interviews with Armand/Rest In Pieces, Freddy Alva/Wardance, Kevin Crowley/The Abused, Patrick Winter/Our Gang & Citizen's Arrest, and all sorts of stories and coverage on Agnostic Front, the Cro-Mags, Absolution, Warzone, The Psychos, and more. Front to back, top to bottom, fanatical NYHC glory in a classic unruly cut & paste style. Lots of flyer scans and pics you may or may not have seen before, and enough content to keep you on the toilet for hours.

Just when you think zines aren't worth hunting down anymore, something like this lands in your mailbox and smacks you in the face. Get this and study up. Bart's the man and hopefully we'll be able to feature more of his archived pieces on DCXX soon. Email him for the info, and buy it. -Gordo DCXX


Major Conflict, Photo courtesy of: Bart


xBurningxFightx said...

Highly recommended and I can't agree more with the review. I wish there would be another issue...
Great job Bart!


Penny said...

I can say the same, I got my copy in Belgium and as soon as I arrived home I couldn't stop reading it. Lot of things thrown in, great tribute to the NYHC.

Brett Hardware said...

Love that choice Major Conflict pic.

thefleX said...

Thanks for the review and kind words. I don't have that many copies of the zine left, but I am trying to work out a US press that I'd like to make available through different distros. Problem is that the zine lay-out is made on DIN A4 pages and that US sized pages are shorter and wider, so I gotta work that photoshop skill.
A few zines might still be available through The Essence distro or Control Records, so if you're thinking about ordering from them anyway, you can pick up a copy.
In the meanwhile you can check out my blog:

Anonymous said...

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