Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seven with Kevin part III

Classic Kevin Seconds with the Violent Children shirt, Photo courtesy of: Kevin Seconds

Stand out memory from playing City Gardens in Trenton, NJ over the years?

Huge, rowdy crowds. Intense heat. Playing with everyone from the Circle Jerks and Youth Of Today to Quicksand and the Flaming Lips. One of my top 3 places to play.

What was/is your least favorite part of touring?

Being away from my loved ones and I miss my pets.

Was there ever a "traditional" career you were interested in pursuing?

Not really. I pondered doing radio as a teenager but my musical career allowed me to do that later in life, anyway. I wanted to play music and in a band since the age of 12.

Who is a band you like to regularly see live?

Sick Of It All. Always amazing. Maybe even better now than they were before.

Kevin and Steve Youth with 7 Seconds at the VFW in Watertown, MA, September 1985, Photo: Joe Henderson

All-time favorite book? Movie?

Book: the Autobiography Of Malcolm X
Movie: Goodfellas

Where have you gotten fanmail from that blows your mind?

Hearing from hardcore kids in China early on freaked me out for some reason.

Current celebrity crush?

I have to go with Marisa Tomei. It's been a 20 year crush and luckily, my wife is ok with it.

Steve Youth and Kevin Seconds at the Sun Valley Sportsman's Hall in 1984, Photo: Joe Henderson


Anonymous said...

love it

Anonymous said...

love it even more

Anonymous said...

Love his choice of favorite book!

Anonymous said...

Happy 50th, Kevin!

thanks for carrying the HC torch all these years

Tom said...

One question that needs to be asked: Kevin, do you still "hate sports"? (see basketball tattoo on your bod)