Monday, March 14, 2011

WHERE ARE THEY NOW - Mike Hartsfield/Freewill, Against The Wall, Outspoken, A18, New Age Records, etc.

Mike with Freewill at Gilman Street, Photo courtesy of: John White

During the early days of A18 I got involved in the production side of the pro wrestling business with a company called XPW. The similarities with hardcore and wrestling are too numerous to name, plus there's a good amount for straight edge people involved in wrestling so I have made some incredible connections.

It's been a wild ride and I love every minute of it. The company closed as a full time promotion in the mid 2000s. We put together a few reunion/anniversary shows between 2008-2009. Youtube is filled with clips of what these guys have done over the years, it's amazing what they do. Check it out.

Now we are compiling a XPW book written for the guys involved that is compiled by those intimately involved in the company. It's less about the ups and downs of the company and more about "war stories" written from first hand accounts. We are always kicking around ideas about bringing the company back full time but it's more difficult than it seems. Nothing is set in stone but we keep kicking around ideas.

You can find out more about XPW here:

We are also doing some Outspoken shows this year and hoping to have some fun with it.

Thanks DCXX! -Mike

Supreme and Mike in LA, 2009, Photo courtesy of: Mike Hartsfield


Emil said...

Not to knock Mike, to each his own, and I love all the band's he's been in, but pro-wrestling? Ouch, solidly white trash in my mind.

Igby said...

I love Chocolate.

Jim Pitts said...

I miss Mike! We had some good times in the 80's.
He was in Against The Wall when they played a benefit show for me with Insight. The Freewill show was amazing, kept the demo til last year!
I actually think John White's photo is from the benefit when Mike was in ATW, didn't think he was at the Freewill show, he was at the benefit though!
Heck he was by my side at the hospital the night I broke my hip! John is a good dude!
(sorry I took this thread sideways!) (lol)

Gary F. said...

"The similarities with hardcore and wrestling are too numerous to name"


Anonymous said...

@Gary F. - WHAT?!? to your "WHAT?!?". Makes perfect sense to me.

Inti said...

Mike Hartsfield is a righteous man

Yehuda said...

"The similarities with hardcore and wrestling are too numerous to name"


"The similarities with hardcore and wrestling are too numerous to name" said...

"Gary F."




Steve Hanson said...

"The similarities with hardcore and wrestling are too numerous to name"

I agree that Mike is trying to connect two things that he loves but those two things are as UNLIKE as two things can possibly be.

He seems like a great guy.

hardcore and wrestling said...

The similarities with us are too numerous to name. Now all of you fuck off.

Anonymous said...

To all the people who say that there are similarities with hardcore and wrestling, for the love of god, name three.

I think Mike meant similarities as being positive so go ahead and list them.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Pilson said...

Man, I don't remember any negative comments when some old hardcore guys were bragging they were cops now! Now cops are cool but 'raslin isn't?

MTV really did ruin hardcore.

This guy is responsible for a great majority of some of the greatest hardcore out there. Come on, Outspoken? A.18!?! Dude was even in Strife before they were rockstars and was smart enough to get out and maintain a solid rep. Not to mention the releases: Unbroken (before another label ripped him off)! Stonetelling (ok joking there)!

If dude likes sweaty chubbsies bumpin uglies then let him have his fun. This kid has been involved in the scene longer than anyone YOU know, almost as long as O'Mahoney, Isaac of Disapproval, and some other hardcore codgers.

Oh did I mention he is somewhere in his 40's and STILL FUCKING STRAIGHTEDGE!?! You're not so try and touch that kid. You can't.

But Mike, seriously where is The Chorus 10" I ordered in 95? The check cleared but the record never showed.


Musacha said...

What numbah? What numbah?

John said...

Look, I picked the fuckin' laundry up...

Captain Obvious said...

Why, how dare he! There is absolutely no similarity between Wrestling and hardcore-- after all, at a Wrestling match, you get a bunch of shirtless guys slamming into each other and flying through the air and landing on each other, whereas at a hardcore show... um...nevermind.

TJK said...

Hardcore and wrestling similarities:

-Shirtless, sweaty men slamming into each other (already mentioned).
-Theatrical stage performances that may include crying, bleeding, shouting, pacing/stalking, exaggerated facial gestures that display angst.
-Good guys (Ian, Bloodclot) and bad guys (Harley, GG Allin) which one can root for/against and who sometimes switch sides (Dwid).
-Guys accusing other guys of betrayal, backstabbing, selling out ideals, and generally breaking friendships.
-Impossible physiques (ever seen pictures of YOT?).


Anonymous said...

And TJK for the win! He sure showed you guys!!!

Artie Mustafa said...

Mike H. is a good dude and forget about all the bickering about whether or not Wrestling is Hardcore (it's NOT).

I was just bummed that this was the first "Where are they now" that seemed like an advertisement for a book.

All the prior ones were SOLID.

don't kill me dms said...

is it just me or does the guy he's posing with look like he should be in one of freddy madball's horible rap videos? in regards to the whole wrestling thing, paul bearer does kinda resemble george the animal steel...

ERIC SXE said...

I was expecting him to talk about his involvement in HC not promote a book about wrestling which I don't care for.

Bring him back for part two and let's talk Freewill, Against The Wall, Outspoken and the early days of New Age Records!!!!

hardcore and wrestling said...

Hey TJK, you forgot the biggest similarity - HOMOPHOBIC HOMOSEXUALITY.

Anonymous said...

too bad that Mike officially sucks at ebay

Marty said...

The thing about the 80's(and the early 90's) was that hardcore and punk were in the same league. I grew up with punk(so did Ray & Porcell-look at Schism fanzine, for that matter). Since 93/94, hardcore=metal and has lost all of it's punk edge/roots. They can have it. Out Of Step, Break Down The Walls, Screaming For Change, The Crew...etc., that's hardcore to me.

Anonymous said...

that was when rap metal was called hardcore, and the shit still's going on today. wrestling is gaysex for homophobics.

Vince McMahon said...

A person can draw similarities to anything TJK

Hardcore and Tennis similarities:

-Shirtless, sweaty men slamming a ball to each other.
-Theatrical stage performances that may include crying, shouting, pacing/stalking, exaggerated facial gestures that display angst.
-Good guys (Roger Federer) and bad guys (John Mcenroe) which one can root for/against and who sometimes switch sides (Jimmy Connors).
-Guys accusing other guys of betrayal, backstabbing, bad calls, and generally breaking friendships.
-Impossible physiques (ever seen pictures of Andy Roddick?).

Wrestling is fun but not near hardcore.

p.s. "Impossible physiques (ever seen pictures of YOT?)" Made me laugh...Porcell was ripped but everyone else was normally fit.

Anonymous said...

So...I have known Mike since we were 15 years old...been in a couple bands with him and love him like a brother! So it bums me out to read this blog and felt compelled to say a few things. I can see many similarities between the two...we are not talking WWF or WWE wrestling here, we are talking about the underground wrestling world that Mike is/has been involved with for years. And we are not talking about so-called HC music that sells out the Forum, we are talking about real HC....The biggest similarity I can see is this....These people who are involved with HC and wrestling are doing it for one reason...BECAUSE THEY LOVE IT!!! they don't do it for fame and fortune, they do it because something inside them tells them that they, on some level, NEED to do it, it's who they are, and it's what makes them happy. It's not to be in the spot light, it's to be apart of something that is special to them. It's not about groupies and beautiful women, it's about looking into the crowd and seeing how "some" of the people there get what you are doing, or what you are singing about. It's not about being a corporate kiss ass and playing along with the ideas that "others" believe you need's about following one thing...YOUR HEART!!!!
Mike has been involved with both, for many many years, he will forget more than most of you/us will remember...So if HE says there are similarities...I believe him, and so should you!
Mike...If you have to explain, they wouldn't understand...keep doing what you are doing, keep it real, and keep it close to your heart!! I love you brotha!!!


Anonymous said...

The similarities with sxe and charlie sheen are too numerous to name!

bobby flay said...

"The similarities with cooking and wrestling are too numerous to name"


"The similarities with real and fake DCXX commenters are too numerous to name"

Ralph Nader said...

"The similarities with President Obama and George W. Bush are too numerous to name"

Billy Rubin said...

"The similarities with my head and my nutsack are too numerous to name"