Monday, May 31, 2010

Poison Idea - Kings Of Punk

A band that we have yet to talk about here on DCXX, but by no means not because of a lack of respect, Portland, Oregon's Poison Idea. Consistently delivering a furious blast of punk/hardcore and forever ticking like the Energizer bunny, these guys simply do nothing but destroy. My introduction came sometime in 1986 from the "Kings Of Punk" LP and I gotta say, at the time it was a brand of punk that up until then I knew very little about. The cover image alone of the Poison Idea carved in chest and razor in hand quickly told me that this was no easy on the ears, parent friendly Agent Orange type punk. Once I finally threw on the record, my initial thoughts were confirmed, these guys didn't fuck around. The next album of theirs that I got my hands on was 1987's "War All The Time", again another full scale onslaught trapped on vinyl. These guys took that early 80's southern California, Germs style and created something all their own and has really never been reproduced. If you've passed over Poison Idea, don't continue the disservice, track yourself down some of their material and do it asap. RIP Pig Champion... -Tim DCXX

Poison Idea at City Gardens, Trenton, NJ, Photo: Ken Salerno



Jerry A of Poison Idea with some shenanigans at City Gardens, Trenton, NJ, Photo: Ken Salerno


Isaac Golub said...


This is good.

Great band.

Much respect on this post.


Agent A. said...

It's a week night some fifteen years ago in the middle of Canada.

Love Songs For the Unloved era SHEER TERROR. They totally destroy as they Bulldog their way through a demolishing set opening for Napalm Death.

Later that night, Paul Bearer, talking to my friend and I, when the discussion turns to bands:

" band evah: Poison Idea."

Malbeats said...

This is a great LP but the Pick Your King 7" is one of the best HC records ever.

Anonymous said...

Kings Of Punk was my first PI record too, I had the repress on TAANG! Living in the NW, I was pretty lucky too be able to see Poison Idea quite a few times, never a bad show. War All The Time gets overlooked a lot, but I think it's such a classic record. Perfect band.

Angryaholic said...

Being the "other guy" in Agent A's story I geuss I shouldn't say what else Paul Bearer said about Shelter and Into another but I will say this...Poison Idea sure as fuck didn't stop there; Feel The Darkness is goddamn genius and Blank Blackout Vacant is ear nectar of the gods.

Unknown said...

PI was one of my first bands i was fortunate enough to be opened to when i got into HC (@ age 13/1990). And with NA, MT, and BB - the band i still listen to frequently. Blank, Blackout, Vacant is amazing. Maybe toned down a touch from their early stuff in chaotic delivery - but i still love it. and opening that cassette and seeing just a black background with white text of 'nihilism' and definition - o god. Kings of Punk was next on my list - and this album got constant play in my walkman. Ugly American, Short Fuse, Subtract, Death Wish Kids - lyrically as flippant and vicious as the tunes.

but pickyourking/dcra songs - the sickest of them all. rcapa and feel ftd are classics. and even pc's last "latest will..." is pretty gnarly. one of the best hc bands of all time. top ten, no doubt

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