Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Posh Boy Records poll wrap up, by: Jon Roa

To wrap up our Posh Boy Records Poll, we went to California legend of all things Hardcore: Jon Roa. While Jon didn't actually vote for one of the bands we listed in the poll, we found his quick history lesson worth posting. As for Tim and me, we went with Agent Orange. When I think of Posh Boy, I immediately think of Agent Orange for "Living In Darkness" alone. Either way, lots of crucial punk records in that back catalog. Thanks to Roa and thanks for voting! -Gordo DCXX

First, I thank Double Cross for asking me to contribute anything.
Gordo has kindly asked me to list my favorite early Posh Boy band. I have seen all of the bands on the list (all with Ryan Hoffman of Chain of Strength I might add) and even though my vote choice goes to TSOL, my absolute favorite Posh Boy release is one not listed: The Stepmothers “All Systems Go EP” (12", EP) 1981.


The Stepmothers released a single, an EP and one LP "You Were Never My Age" on Posh Boy records as well as being on "Rodney on the Roq, Vol. 2." They are best described as a state-side Generation X.

The reasons I love this short five-song burst of energy of a record are many but here are a few of them: The band is from of my area of upbringing-the 909! They borrowed so many genre influences that they were never really accepted by any one group: too metal for the punk crowd and vice versa. I saw them in Chino, CA in 1980 at a hall that they rented and it was a great shock to see a local band that good. The members were totally cool and supportive of this fat, bald kid with braces who lied and said he had a band (me). But above all, their lyrics were great.

I think you all should seek out the CD and listen to the words to “Don’t Kill The Beat” which are still strong today:

“So you have been into the scene for a month or two.
But that kid there, there is something wrong with you.
You spike his face so he fears for his life.
You forget pretty quick what your first night was like.”

I hope all you Double Cross people track it down and listen to the song, “IF I WERE YOU” as it is a great one. Let the world know what you think.

I think it is fantastic. - ROA XXX



Ben Edge said...

Way to side-step the issue, and talk about a band that isn't even on the poll, Roa!

My vote went to TSOL. A lot of people only know this band from their crappy later albums, and that's a real shame. The s/t 12" ep on Posh Boy, The Dance With Me LP on Frontier, and the Weathered Statues 7" (Alternative Tentacles?) are all classic punk albums, that are up there with anything by Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Adolescents, and the Germs. Top tier.

Surf goth hardcore punk at its finest.

Mike said...

Beneath the Shadows is also good.

Ben Edge said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

A Frontier Records poll would be great too.

Isaac Golub said...

DAMN IT!!! Yet another reason to like Jon Roa.... Just when you tohught it was safe to write him off, hahaha, just kidding.

In all seriousness I had a Maxell 90 min tape that had Necros Conquest For Death, and GBH City Baby's Revenge on in. At the end of the tape there was a band. I never knew who it was, but I knew it was good and skating to my job at Winchell's in Costa Mesa was much easier due to this tape. I later found out it was Stepmothers.
Have not thought of that tape in BLANK BLANK years.

Damn you Roa, and thank you Roa.


jbanks said...

"Youths of Age" LP by Pariah.

ROA said...

Thanks Isaac. I think everyone should be as lucky as us and hear the tunes, right?

Ben: I am guilty of side-stepping. I could not help it. The Robbie Posh Boy catalog is awesome but STEPMOTHERS were my idols for 6 weeks (at 11 years old that is forever!).

Anonymous said...

Can't beleive now low CH3 got in the pole. They got my vote. Posh Boy way a label you could trust for quality. Pariah & Stepmothers LPs are great and still stand up today. What about the Shattered Faith 7"


Anonymous said...

We always hear about the same old bands good to hear a lost treasure

rich brat said...

and the first red cross 12" is a fuckin' classic too. it's a bit sad that nobody said nothing about this record (it was pretty popular in the early 80's) with a song like "cover band" as the first song, no one can beat it. another vote for ch3 they were very popular in europe in the early 80's too. A posh boy compilation called "god bless america" was the first american hc punk record i bought in '83, and is great with the circle jerks social distortion ch3 f-word red cross black flag.... classic stuff.

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