Friday, March 26, 2010

What one hardcore/punk album has stood the test of time for you?

This is another one of those Albums That Stand The Test Of Time entries that is strong enough to stand alone. Chorus Of Disapproval front man, Isaac Golub tells us exactly what Uniform Choice's "Screaming For Change" album means to him. Good stuff, thanks Isaac! -Tim DCXX

The undisputed king for me is Uniform Choice Screaming For Change, and for good measure the demo gets thrown into the fold as well.

I got the demo at a Cuckoo’s Nest show (then called The Concert Factory), along with the multi-colored U.C. Straight And Alert shirt. It’s safe to say I saw every U.C. show in So. Cal, and whenever Dubar said, “This is a new one that’s gonna be on our LP!” I will openly admit I would chub up.

Finally that record was coming out and I called the Pier Records in Huntington Beach that Dubar worked at EVERYDAY and finally he said, “Yup they’re here, c’mon down.” Well come on down was a 2 hour bus ride, but if I was going to buy that thing it was going to be from Pat himself (see attached picture, it was taken on my bus ride to buy the LP).

I rolled in road weary from the bus ride, knowing full well it would seem like 86 hours on the ride home holding that thing. I made my purchase, didn’t dick ride Dubar for too long, and got that slab home as fast as OCTD would allow. My uncle Jeff had a really good turntable so as soon as the needle hit the wax I was bouncing around my living room like a complete nutter.

Isaac en route to pick up the Uniform Choice "Screaming For Change" LP on its release day, Photo courtesy of: Isaac

Everything about that record is perfect, even the imperfections. Drums are way down in some of the mixes (a point Banks loves to rub in my face during heated debates over the demo and LP preference), Pat changed some lyrics/song titles around…minor things. Screaming For Change embodies west coast hardcore to me. Fast, feverish, pent up, loving, and socially conscience. Hearing that record at that pivotal point in my life really sent me on what I consider a very positive path in my life. It came out when I personally needed something big, needed something positive and angry at the same time, and really needed to belong to a feeling besides chicks, beer, bon fires at the beach, and the fucking prom.

Use You Head, Screaming For Change, and In Time are my favorites. I still get that little tickle on the nape of my neck when the line blasts, “Don’t hear a word I’ve said, you better USE…YOUR…HEAAAAD!!!” The influences are obvious: two cups of Minor Threat, a cup and a half of Bad Brains, two peeled and pitted Black Flag’s, and baked in an oven built by 7 Seconds. But you know what? THIS record did it for me.

I could have picked any great number of hardcore or punk LP's to write about, and that may even be considered "better" or more "influential" records, but Screaming For Change repeatedly kicked me in the balls while calling me friend and shouting, “This is for your own fucking good, and you will understand very soon why I have done this to you!”

I now understand. Thank you Pat Dubar, Dave Mellow, Vic Maynez, Pat Longrie, and even Pat Dyson.



Nick said...

Awesome, near perfect record. Except for 'Silenced' which is the most redundant, embarrassing thing ever. It's straight off of a fucking greeting card for fucks sake.

none said...


Anonymous said...

"Everything about that record is perfect, even the imperfections."
Nuff said...

Anonymous said...

Good to see Isaac back on here. Nice piece Double Cross. Well said Mr. Golub.

Patrick/DTS said...

Damn right! This record is perfect. It has everything a classic hc album needs:
The cover, the pictures, not at least the music and lyrics.
Isaac, I understand how you felt back then. I felt similar when I got your first record when it came out: The cover, the pictures, not at least the music and lyrics.
But I guess I told you before when my band (driving the salt) played with A18.Thanks!
Patrick from Germany

Anonymous said...

This was an awesome description of what that record did for a lot of kids (at the time), especially in So. Cal. "...something positive and angry at the same time, and really needed to belong to a feeling besides chicks, beer, bon fires at the beach, and the fucking prom." I echo these sentiments and every track on this record brings me back to those times. Well done.

zach said...

'chicks, beer, bon fires at the beach'

uhh that shit sounds pretty good to me.

mel said...

Great post, I still get goose bumps listening to this LP and have been listening to it since it came out.
Easily one of my favourite US lps ever.

thebear said...

anything and everything by 7 seconds and token entry. gorilla biscuits too. and of course minor threat out of step. vision- the kids still have a lot to say. black train jack- you're not alone, sick of it all- blood sweat no tears, dag nasty can i say and wig out at denkos, everything by the descendents, and finally the greatest of all time everything by the ramones. there are plenty of others too, but i could just go on and on.

steve said...

As much as i was into nyhc style of hardcore for a long time, what stands the test of time to me seems to be the older stuff i grew up on... Black flagm minor threat, bad brains, misfits...

Anonymous said...

Well done, Nez.

Anonymous said...

You would think that after all Isaac has done for the scene you guys would spell his name right

Thanks Tymm & Gordeoux

Jim Pitts said...

Since I'm not at all straightedge anymore I still have to say that this album simply "KILLS".
"Clear" is my fave song off this album......I only saw UC 5 or 6 times back in the mid 80's.....but wow, always a great show!