Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poll results for your favorite Youth Brigade

Shawn Stern with Youth Brigade at the Anti Club, Los Angeles CA 1985, Photo: Vincent Ramirez

As usual, another tough poll for me. I think the easy answer here is LA's Youth Brigade because they've got a more impressive resume. For anyone that's watched Another State Of Mind, it's hard to come out of that movie and not be a fan of the Stern brothers' Youth Brigade. Aside from that, "Sound and Fury" is also one hell of an album with classic track after classic track.


As for the DC Youth Brigade, although short lived and a small collection of recordings, the "Possible" EP kicks in about as hard as any record from that era with the killer anthem, "It's About Time That We Had a Change". Really, there's not a bad track on that 7", plus their tracks on the Flex Your Head comp help make up one of the greatest hardcore compilations of all time.

So who did I vote for? I went with LA's Youth Brigade, but I could have just as easily voted for DC's Youth Brigade any given day. -Tim DCXX

LA's Youth Brigade - 148
DC's Youth Brigade - 118



ERIC SXE said...

Youth Brigade - Sound and Fury. I listen to that regularly. It just rages and never sounds old or dated to me. The lyrics are still relevant, production and playing are great. A great band and great record!

Ben Edge said...

If I had to pick a best song from the combined works of those two bands, it would go to "It's About Time That We Had A Change" hands down. It has some of the best lyrics of any hardcore song ever.

But as for which band I like better as a whole: LA Youth Brigade, by a significant margin. "Did You Wanna Die?" is a stellar song, as are many other songs from their early years. Who can do a chicken fight style stage dive without humming "Violence" in their heads? Oh wait, no one does those anymore.

Anonymous said...

CALI YB all the way. sound and fury is one of the best LPs!

youth youth youth said...

both "sound and fury" albums are classics. the '82 and the '83 versions, total hardcore smashers!!! (another poll question: sound and fury 82 or 83?).

Unknown said...

duuuuude - S&F - hands down. LAYB got great tunes: "Boys in the Brigade", "You don't understand","violence", "on the edge" - all that. BUT THE FINAL WORD IS "FIGHT TO UNITE"!!!!!!!!! in top ten of hardcore songs ever. and i truly wonder how many people would swear by DCYB if they were not on Dischord.


yea - of all the early dischord releases, DCYB is probably the weakest. still a cool record, great name, great lyrics, great lead off tune....but LAYB is just seriously perfect

Jim Pitts said...

LA youth Brigade by a mile.....Just a great band, and great to work with. I promoted two Youth Brigade shows, on in 1986 the other in 1987, and both shows were simply great.
While "Sound and Fury" has recieved rave reviews I actually like some of the songs off the BYO comps better than the album versions.
Always a great show......Always an awesome band!