Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eerie Von returns with more on Misery Obscura

If you haven't heard, Eerie Von has an incredible book out called Misery Obscura - a 160 page sick photobook with awesome stories and writing about his time around The Misfits and in Samhain and Danzig. Probably my favorite HC-related book ever. We caught up with Eerie again to pick his brain now that the book has been out. GO BUY THIS!!! -Gordo DCXX

How has the response been to the book?

The response has been fantastic! But I knew the hardcore fans would dig it. It's only been out two months, so I have no sales figures yet, but on Amazon it's #1 in its catagory. Reviews have all been glowing.

How did the release at Generation go? Was it cool jamming with Lyle like that? Anybody turn out that you hadn't seen in a long time?

Yeah I got to see some of the old gang, like Danzig soundman/keyboard player Rick Dittamo, who was with the original line up for the whole time. From high school there was Dr. Chud and Sal Bee. JV Bastard showed up, Queen Vixen from the Cycle Sluts, Vas Kalas from Hansel und Greytl, as well as Jill, the girl from the original "Mother" video. Just hanging with Lyle was a treat. We've got the same sense of humor, and me, him and Tom B (book's designer) could barely stop talking and telling stories long enough to get anything done. It went over real well, and I had a great time.

What's your favorite part of the book? Does it feel like 3 distinct pieces (Misfits, Samhain, Danzig), or one long adventure?

I like the cover the most! It all seems like one big story to me. Just chapters, like you have in life. Different characters come and go, some's just a big on going adventure.

Was there anything you didn't get to put in the book or detail the way you would have hoped?

I would have liked to have 250 pages, so we could have put it all in there. If we didn't have a photo to go with a story, since we had limited space, we left it out. It was hard trying to get everything and everyone in the 160 pages and still have it be cohesive and flow.

You didn't diss anyone or write a tell-all. Was it a conscious decision to take the high road, or just your nature?

I just told the story the way I felt it when the stuff was happening, not like I was looking back. It's just the way I am. I didn't see any point, talking about things that you didn't talk about then, or digging up dirt, or talking about people's personal lives. To me, everybody in the story is like family, and you don't talk bad about family.

Have you gotten any feedback directly from Glenn? Did he create any obstacles to you using the Danzig stuff?

No, and I don't expect to. He would never admit it if he liked it anyway hahaha. He likes to call all the shots, and isn't thrilled when he can't.

What about feedback from other guys in the bands?

Jerry and Doyle have seen it and both told me that the book is great, and that they like it. I haven't heard from Chuck or John, and I'm sure they won't spend money to get a copy, so...I gave all my comp copies away, and am waiting for them to get back to me with mailing addresses.

What did you think of the internet hoax about Chuck Biscuits dying? Would you say he's the best drummer you played with?

Chuck's the best drummer I've ever had the pleasure to play with. I knew he wasn't dead. I just sat here and watched you all go nuts, until I heard from him.

You mentioned Jill, the girl from the Mother video. She's made a re-appareance on YouTube. Care to comment or elaborate?

I haven't seen Jill's Videos. I don't care what people do or say. Let everyone just do their own thing, and if people love it, or laugh at it, or it makes people talk, that's fine too.

Is there one item of merchandise from each band, Misfits, Samhain, Danzig, that you would never part with? If so, what?

I've kept one of everything record, CD wise. There's stuff I don't have, like the Samhain box, and a few Danzig releases. The photos mean the most to me. I don't have much left in the way of stuff. You out grow things like leather jackets, but the memories always fit when you wanna put them on, so I'm good.

If you had to pick your favorite Misfits songs, favorite Samhain song, and favorite Danzig song, what would they be?

I always answer this one differently. I don't have favorites. I have songs I don't care for, but not favorites. I pretty much love all that shit.

Have you gone to see any Misfits or Samhain "reunions"?

No, why would I go see that? Doyle is still the Koolest.

How much material didn't make the cut, and where will this end up? Any future plans?

Maybe we'll be able to do an expanded version, but don't hold your breath. Remember, I didn't put this out, it was done with a real publisher, so there was a budget to work within. The stuff left out will go back into the vault. I do plan to make some museum type prints as limited editions, so people can hang some of the pics on their walls. So look for that.