Friday, March 5, 2010

Amenity on San Diego Dialed In

Last Thursday we ran a piece on Amenity that was accompanied by a story from Anthony Pappalardo and the debut of a new song called, "You Can't Stop The Show". Originally the plan was that our entry would coincide with another Amenity entry that was supposed to be on a San Diego based website called San Diego Dialed In. Unfortunately, the timing was off by a week and San Diego Dialed In just got their piece up today. With some help and coordination from Amenity frontman Mike Down, we thought it would be cool to do a quick entry here on DCXX to help funnel a little traffic over to San Diego Dialed In's piece. Check it out here: -Tim DCXX

Mike Down and Tim Gonzales of Amenity go knuckle to knuckle while recording, "You Can't Stop The Show", Photo courtesy of: Mike Down


Anonymous said...

CHULA VISTA....always and forever.

haji daud said...

For sure. And there is a lot of new content coming out of the Chula Vista-San Diego region with bands like:

Take Offense
Down Again
Cold Stare
Tantive IV
Sex Fiend

You can pick up Take Offense via paypal at:


Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoyed Amenity and Forced Down back in the day, I have to say that the "new" Amenity is just plain bad. I'm sure that Mike D. is indeed a great guy--I've never heard anything to the contrary--but the new stuff is cheese. Sorry.


If you're basing your opinion solely on "You Can't Stop The Show", you might reconsider when you hear the other 4 songs. I personally like "You Can't Stop The Show", but bringing in the full band for the other 4 songs takes the music in a bit of a different direction. In my opinion, all the 2009 recorded material stands up to, if not better than, some of the original material. Amenity seems to be one of the few bands that can get back together so many years later and pick up exactly where they left off, without feeling forced or fake. All the new material has been in regular rotation for me and leaves me wanting to see a live set all that much more.

"All the waste I see, all the waste I'll never be"


Anonymous said...

This song and all the new ones kick ass. Its taken long for so many bands from San Diego to get attention outside their city. Being in OC I got to see them and so many other great hc bands that never got the national (or international ) attention that others got.

Anonymous said...

Chula Vista's TAKE OFFENSE at California Uber Alles Fest, Sunday March 7th, 2631 Whittier Blvd, Boyle Heights, California 90023

Anonymous said...

def diggin the new amenity song even if it is different. would love to hear the others, have they been posted? east coast shows?