Saturday, March 13, 2010

SOA 7" on green and more

Awhile back we posted an entry from an interview with Youth Of Today - "Break Down The Walls" Tour '87 roadie RJ Vail. Unfortunately I had some problems with the cassette that I recorded the interview on and haven't been able to post more than the first part of the interview. Needless to say, RJ and I have stayed in contact and hopefully sooner than later we'll get around to catching up with him again for more tour stories. In the meantime, RJ's been doing a little ebay work with his collection. There are only a few records up right now, but trust me, there is a lot of great stuff on the way. Here's what RJ had to say about his green vinyl SOA 7" that's up right now and some other records to come. -Tim DCXX

Original SOA on green vinyl 7" Dischord #2. Scribed in the vinyl on one side it says: Who's Gay? On the other it says: Bill and Jay!......... and probably Ian. Excellent condition, Hardly played. Like the majority of my vinyl it hasn't been removed from its plastic sleeve since it's been in my possession (over 25 years). Auction ends 3/14/2010

I will be thinning out my early-mid 80's Dischord, Rev, Schism etc. records over the next several weeks. Abused, YOT Orange Batman, Unity, YOT Red 12", Negative Approach 7" & Tied Down LP, Mental Abuse, Clitboys, Bold, Cause for Alarm classic NYHC, Judge, Slapshot, DYS, Crippled Youth, Warzone Orange 7", Minor Threat In My Eyes, 7 Sec Committed for Life 1st press, Project X with original Schism zine plus many more. -RJ

Seller name: rgevaj


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim. Love ya long time!


Anonymous said...

Woooh awesome! Going to be watching these auctions for sure. Thanks for the heads up.

ERIC SXE said...

Somebody is about to get PAID big time over this stuff!

Anonymous said...

found one these in a jukebox in York, PA

Jim Pitts said...

Just sliding back through stuff.....Did the green SOA have the armband that all of them came with?
Just had to giggle!