Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Post: Glenn Danzig

Coming off of last weekend's post about Rollins, we figured we'd shoot to get some feedback on another polarizing figure from the world of punk and hardcore - Danzig himself.

EVERYONE has an opinion on Glenn Danzig, but whether it is love, hate, or even disinterest, I can't imagine there is a fan of punk or hardcore who doesn't take interest in at least one of this man's bands or what he has been involved with for over 30 years.

So have at it and comment away - what's your take on the Evil Elvis? Good memory from seeing The Misfits, Samhain, or Danzig? In-person encounter? Favorite band or record of his? Let's kick off the weekend right! -Gordo DCXX



Marko said...
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Marko said...

A friend of mine works for Danzig. You know that house everyone thinks that Danzig lives at? The one that looks like a haunted house in the area of Loz Feliz in Los Angeles? He does not live there anymore. That is his office now. He actually lives and owns what use to be Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy) house.

Craig C. said...

Misfits are probably my favorite band of all time. Hybrid Moments may be my favorite song.

In 1994 I saw Danzig perform "Can't Speak" live on the old John Stweart Show.

Ben Edge said...

Back when Danzig actually did live in Los Feliz, my friend pissed in a cup and threw the piss all over Danzig's Jaguar. I said, "What if Danzig sees you and beats you up?" He said getting beat up by Danzig would have been an awesome experience, and he was ready for it.

It's strange how some people treat their idols.

steve said...

Danzig's first solo show at city gardens in 1988 was amazing! I remember thinking (a) "this sounds like misfits meets ac/dc, their couldn't be a better combo". and (b) "I am so in trouble when i get home" because i had an early curfew and never told my parents i was going to trenton cause i would have never been allowed to go and they went on really late. And (c) "this band called gwar opening up sucks and they won't be around long".

$#!+#3@D said...

love the misfits. saw Danzing on that 1st '88 tour in RI, CT & NY. the CT show was w/ Murphys Law & Slapshot was stage diving over us in the front row. Danzig seemed confused to see the same people in the front row in 2 different cities 2 nights in a row.

Burai Core D&D said...

What show are those two Misfits pics from? Looks a lot like the Michigan Union Ballroom...

Ibn Mark said...

Consider me part of the anti-Danzig crew. Danzig is a clown that I absolutely cannot take seriously... And besides some Misfits songs, his work is the example of music that doesn't stand that test of time for me.

If I wanted to listen to a wannabe Anton Lavey do a Jim Morrison impression, I'd......actually I would never want to listen to that. Danzig sucks.

XSLABAX said...

I think it rules you guys pulled out a DANZIG post. There is never one person I have ever talked to or seen anywhere that did not like The Misfits and is into PUNK/HARDCORE!! I am not big on SAMHAIN or DANZIG but there is no doubt in my mind that things would have been a whole lot different without this guy!!

He said...

The best Danzig record is the Samhain "On earth as it is in hell" bootleg 7".

Smitty said...

Anybody can say what they want but those songs he wrote between 1978 and 1983 are fucking untouchable. He is also one of the top 5 vocalists to come out of the greater punk rock experiance. His work post Misfits has never really floated my boat but some dudes get a pass. Straight up.

Coletivo Chuva Negra said...

E ae, tudo beleza? :)

Então, gostei do blog e da iniciativa. muito legal. Nós somos o Coletivo Chuva Negra de Natal-Rn. Um coletivo punk/vegetariano.

Se for possivel, da uma força no blog adicionando agente ae, beleza? :)

Sincero abraço.

timcaf said...

the combined works of the Misfits/Samhain/Danzig are my favorites of all time. Love the music, lyrics, and imagery

Great full 1992 Danzig show here:

Angryaholic said...

Danzig's stuff is great. Or at least most of it is for me...the real fuckwad of the Misfits was/is Jerry only - what a pathetic jerk. About 8 years ago I actually paid to see the Only/Ramone/Cadina lineup - not only was it the absolute worst 20 dollars I ever spent I had to watch that balding dipshit creep on every 15 year old in the place after. Danzig is an amazing musician, and I think it was a good move to leave the Misfits as it was.

Alternate 1995 said...

I'm all about GD. At least once or twice a week I listen to one of his bands. Danzig I-IV are just out of control amazing. Like the evil Doors or something.

Anonymous said...

didnt danzig used to live in passaic NJ? i heard his looked like a comic book shop with toys and comics everywhere. now he leaves nj to live in lucille ball's house? that is like when bon jovi raffled his house off on MTV, and everyone hated him for turning his back on NJ.

Anonymous said...

What can I say?
I'm a fan for life.

My #1 musical inspiration.
My favorite singer of all time.


Isaac Golub said...

"If I wanted to listen to a wannabe Anton Lavey do a Jim Morrison impression, I'd......actually I would never want to listen to that. Danzig sucks."

I laughed so loud I woke my wife up. Dude, That shit was funny as hell!

I am torn, I met Danzig twice and twice over he was a douche, but I love the music as convoluted and over the top it can be. First 2 Danzig Lps are classic. Come on, "Never easy, never clean, to be a beast among human sheep!" Poetic and bad ass.

I can enjoy Danzig more I think after watching that vid of him getting knocked the fuck out. Like my mother said, "No one and I mean NO ONE is above a good ass kicking."

Bernie said...

Why would Danzig drive a Jaguar and not be chauffeured around in a hearse?

Both are equally ridiculous ways of getting to his local morgue or supermarket.

Jason Powell said...

I think Danzig is okay as a musician, but his ego and how "serious" his persona is and everything make him look really douchey. I was never into the Misfits as a kid, the first and only album I bought of theirs was Static Age when it came out, which I liked. I never understood the fascination so many had with the Misfits/Danzig. I think they are overrated, and I just cant take the spooky b-horror show stuff seriously at all, which would have made the Misfits a lot of fun, except Danzig acts so serious about it, that he is the only joke about the whole thing and it just comes off as corny.

justin kelley said...

I'm a fan. I love every release Misfits ever came out with. The Samhain stuff is decent, but just doesn't have the edge of the misfits stuff. I do however really like all the Danzig stuff.

I met Danzig once while in New York. He was not a bad guy. I asked him some questions and he politely answered them. He has a big, larger than life personality....even though i found him to be quite. I remember screaming "demonomania" into my skateboard like it was a mic. He seemed uncomfortable, but, hey that's what happens when I fan out on people.

Anyway, my experience w/him was short, but I won't forget that day. I have seen "lesser" punk guys be way more of a dick than this guy.

Crippe said...

A true legend, I love all of the bands he's been in. And the first four Danzig albums are amazing. The newer stuff is still good but not by far as good as his earlier stuff. I have heard from diffrent people who have met him that he's a douche, but he was really cool when I met him. No one can deny that they guy is truly talanted, his voice and his song writing for not just his own bands but also for people like roy orbison and johnny cash. The new duet with melissa auf der maur is also amazing!

Unknown said...

I met Danzig after seeing them on back to back nights in Boston and Providence in 1988. He asked me if I had any trail mix cause he was hungry after the show.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

At least everyone has to give a serious nod to Danzig for his work in establishing the DIY ethic in the punk/hardcore world. His Plan 9 records (along with Discord & SST) was one of the first to really reach out to fans directly with the Fiend Club promotions, etc. He brought a very unique edge to punk.

none said...

Static Age is absolutely unfuckablewith.After that it's just a downhill slide....

ERIC SXE said...

I never got why everyone is so stoked on The Misfits. I tried to check out their music (from the early days to the later Danzig stuff)and it just didn't do anything for me. The image is whatever...they sell a lot of merch though, probably to a lot of people that never even heard them. Glenn seems like an ego-inflated, rock star prick and seeing that video of him getting knocked out was fun! I'll pass on the whole Misfits/Danzig thing. Just not my cup o tea.

Anonymous said...

I am a true Misfits fan. Misfits rule and/or for the reason danzig vocals are so great.
But i have never been into the band danzig. i have the two first lps which are ok, but nothing special for me. the song mother is great.
But my life wouldnt have been so good without the misfits (the bullet 7" rules!)

Anonymous said...

i would honestly buy a record of danzig just talking. dude has one of the koolest voices ever. misfits > samhain > danzig...but all are the best.

Ben Edge said...

"He asked me if I had any trail mix cause he was hungry after the show."


Anonymous said...

I'm as big a Misfits fan as anyone, but I hated Samhain and don't care for Danzig...the band or the person. Dude is a round red nose and a pair of giant shoes away from being a CLOWN. Plus he's one of those "I'm not white power," white power guys. Always bringing up race and how white people are the real minority...but he's not racist. Eat a bag of dicks Glenn!

Anonymous said...

please provide any and all documentation of danzig being borderline white power? i mean, really? say you dont like the guy and his tunes, but where the hell do you get any of that from? wasnt one of the misfits roadies a black dude (he's in EV's book)? come on bud, let's not go there.

Anonymous said...

Hey you at 7:51... Let's definitely go there! I'd heard about comments he's made re: race before and when I read the interview with him in Steve Blush's Seconds Magazine and later again in the Seconds .45 Interviews book, it cemented the fact to me that Glenn is a racist fuck! Go read it and try to come back and defend him. I'm not outing him...he outed himself and there's not a lot of room for interpretation based on his comments.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly there was an interview that Danzig had with Michael Moynihan that he said some questionable things. Michael Moynihan, however is a pretty known and admitted neo-fascist, so I wouldn't doubt if he tried to steer the interview towards his own ideas.

If you read the Seconds interview with Steve Blush (found here:, Glenn says some off the wall things, but nothing that would make me think he's a member of the White Aryan Resistance or anything. If anything it makes me think that Steve Blush is a douche for allowing Moynihan to contribute to his magazine.

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