Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rob Mars AKA Ollie Grind of Crucial Youth on the No Justice Just Us benefit show

January 2, 1989: The day was brutally cold. Brett Beach, Chris Strickland, and myself braved the weather to wait in the long line in front of 313 Bowery to see what we each knew was a historic date in hardcore history. We looked homeless, huddled in line as if waiting for a free meal on Thanksgiving at the local shelter but it didn’t matter.

What awaited us behind those graffiti covered doors was too good to pass up. We had received the flyer at a previous CB’s matinee. This show was a greatest hits of NYHC bands plus it promised a Side By Side AND Straight Ahead reunion, so we knew we could not miss it. Once we got into the club you could feel the energy. It was packed and everyone was just waiting for the show to start. You could not tell the weather outside was so cold because the club was sweating down the walls from all of the people. There was not a band that disappointed that day. After witnessing band after band belting out angry chants, we were witness to one of the best shows that Sick Of It All has ever performed. - Rob Mars

Pete Koller with Sick Of It All, Photo: Dave Brown


Brett Hardware said...

I could have written 10 paragraphs about the train ride and standing in line alone! Good call on SOIA, they totally killed. Remember Chris busted his knee up during Supertouch?

Robert Mars said...

Hey Brett...I remember that show well. I definitely remember Chris busting his knee and all of the other people leaving by Ambulance. Nostalgic times!

eastcobb said...

the flyer is 10x better than the 2 paragraphs below it. one line about SOIA and nothing of the other bands? exciting stuff. why is this a post?