Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chris Daily's Suicidal Tendencies shirt story

Chris Smorgasbord Daily has no idea we are posting this - but well, we are going to anyways. Tim, Ed, and myself email with Daily all day long at work, and today he sent us this. Sorry Daily, but we thought this was post-worthy. Darren Edgewise then chimed in as well. These are the emails, as written. -Gordo DCXX

I had this shirt.

I got it in probably late '90 or mid '91 when Suicidal played at the York Fairgrounds in York, PA. Steve Reddy was living at the Gita Nagari (Hare Krishna Farm) at the time and had not really been off the farm that much. He came down to York to hang out and we went to the show. The Edgewise and Conviction guys came with us. Steve "moshed" at the show and was destroying metal heads left and right - brutal. I remember talking about it after the show and he said he was in "maya" hahaha.

After the show he handed out Prasadam cookies to anyone that would take them. More than one person commented: "Aren't you the guy that was killing everyone in the pit, and now you are giving us cookies?"

Back to the shirt…I did a stage dive and somehow ended up with this brand new Suicidal shirt in my hand after I landed, and then I danced my way back to the crew along the back of the pit. No idea where it came from or from whom I snatched it. I wore it a handful of times.

(A few minutes later Darren Edgewise sent this:)

I remember security not wanting to let Steve keep the cookies he had with him (carob chip). One security guard told another security guard that they were “hash” cookies and they couldn’t come inside the show. Steve remarked that he was a Hare Krishna and didn’t believe in doing drugs, and showed them his bag or some sort of other Krishna accessory he had with him and they actually let him bring the cookies inside.

I remember the pit being absolutely gigantic and all of us getting down and having a fun time.


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steve wolfpack moshing + steve wolfpack with cookies = awesome

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