Monday, November 30, 2009

Poll results for favorite track off of Smorgasbord Records "X Marks The Spot" comp

Wide Awake's Tom Kennedy hits the crowd at the Anthrax, Photo: Ken Ryan

Personally I probably could have gone with a few different tracks here as my favorite, but in the end, my vote went to Pressure Release's "Pass It On". As usual my vote was not the popular one, but that's no surprise at this point. For whatever reason, I've always sort of had a soft spot for Pressure Release. That's not to say that I lack any love for Wide Awake or Up Front, but I guess I've always felt that the re-recordings of their songs that ended up on their records was a notch better. Pressure Release's tracks were more so exclusive to this comp, so that might have influenced my decision a bit. Either way, Wide Awake's "Last Straw" pretty much clobbered the competition, the drew the last straw for sure. - Tim DCXX

Wide Awake - "Last Straw" - 97
Up Front - "One Step Ahead" - 33
Wide Awake - "Wide Awake" - 30
Pressure Release - "Pass It On" - 17
Pressure Release - "Never Give In" - 15
Up Front - "Something To Strive For" - 5
Up Front - "Live and Let Live" - 3


Jim Pitts said...

Pressure Release were my faves from that comp too. A great 7" from my college years! But a bummer that they were the only band off that 7" I never got a chance to see back then!

Pedro Carvalho said...

I voted for Pressure Release too.
About the new poll, the best thing COC ever did was the Technocracy demo with Mike on vocals. It's just perfect.
One of hardcore's greatest mysteries is why they got that dull sounding guy to sing on the album instead of him.

Anonymous said...

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