Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Joe Nelson’s Thanksgiving Jam with H.R.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but this may be my favorite thing to ever appear here on DCXX. Dig into this one. Thanks Joe! 
-Gordo DCXX

When I was putting together “Thanksgiving Jam” in August I was having trouble coming up with an interesting headliner. The rest of the bill was set, Steve Soto from the Adolescents, Jeff Pezzati from Naked Raygun, Jonah Matranga from Far, and Walter Schreifels from Warzone, plus a couple other bands over the years. We didn’t have the headliner though. I had inquired about getting H.R., the dynamic, yet enigmatic singer for the great Bad Brains to come out.

Through some mutual friends, I had made contact with him, but had not heard back in over a month. We had exchanged one phone call, which was like talking to a martian. A nice martian, but a martian nonetheless. Then out of the blue at the end of September I received word via a third party of a third party that H.R. would indeed play. Of course like anybody who has followed the riddle that is Paul (H.R.) Hudson, I would believe it when I actually saw H.R. in the flesh on stage.

Well, low and behold, he did in fact show. The following is a Cliff’s Notes version of the 5 days that transpired over Thanksgiving Jam between H.R. and myself.

Joe Nelson and H.R., Photo: Dan Rawe

Day 1

3:30 P.M. – I pick up H.R. from the airport. He is dressed in a suit, and is wearing a towel over his head. He gives me a huge hug, and addresses me as “Mr. Joe.” He has a warm, inviting presence about him that’s hard to ignore. Immediately I am aware of how softly he speaks, which keeps him constantly in control of the conversation. He’s made it though. He’s here. Thanksgiving Jam has its headliner.

5:10 P.M. - We drive down the 405 and talk about all kinds of random things. The history of Bad Brains, Danzig, his 13 years living in Long Beach and L.A., his 9 months living in El Paso, TX, the old cookie factory he lives in these days somewhere within Baltimore, Jack Grisham being a life coach (H.R. thinks it’s funny too), Napoleon Hill books, his family, Thanksgiving Jam, parasailing (he’s fascinated by it), the two times he saw Bob Marley live, his thoughts on Eric Clapton, etc. etc. He’s lucid though, and his stories are interesting. In between tales, he randomly calls dudes on his Blackberry and invites them to come play at the “Thanksgiving Jam with the Human Rights group.” He also removes a small bottle of cologne several times and perfumes himself. At one point I hand H.R. some spending cash for the weekend, which he perfectly folds into a Kleenex, and places in his coat pocket.

H.R. at Thanksgiving Jam, Photo: Dan Rawe

6:05 PM – H.R. says he’s hungry; we stop at Open Sesame on 2nd Street in Long Beach. H.R. (who is vegetarian) orders the Open Sesame Kabob, which is an all meat dish. I inform him he probably would prefer the “Veggie Kabob” instead. “Thank you Mr. Joe,” he says, “yes that would be appreciated.” He then proceeds to dip his pita bread into his hot tea, rather then his hummus.

7:25 P.M. – We stop by Rob Dubar’s house (Pat Dubar’s youngest brother). H.R. has never met Rob, but still gives him a huge hug, as well as his leftovers as some sort of gift. H.R. becomes mesmerized by Rob’s Dr. Seuss sculptures and other tripper art which decorate his house. We all watch a little of the Oklahoma State and Colorado football game together, well, at least Rob and I do. H.R. stares at the sculptures most of the time.

8:30 P.M. – I check H.R. into his hotel. He has no credit card, meaning all his incidentals are now on my card. I realize this is a huge gamble on my part, but it’s one I’ll have to take.

A close up H.R. at Thanksgiving Jam, Photo: Dan Rawe

Day 2

11:45 A.M. – I’m at work, and receive a random call from H.R. I can’t make out much of what he is saying.

“Did you just say you want to go Parasailing?” – I ask

“Yes sir...” He exclaims, although I’m not sure he understands me, or for that matter even said he wanted to go parasailing in the first place.

“I think that would be a really bad idea H.R.” I answer anyway.

“Excellent…Hallelujah, Rasta!”…click…dial tone.

3:15 P.M. - I receive another call from H.R. I cannot understand anything he is saying, not even 1 word. The call lasts 6 minutes.

Walter and Joe, Photo: Dan Rawe

6:20 P.M. - Rob Dubar, Walter Schreifels, Jeff Pezzati, H.R., myself, and several other Thanksgiving Jam guests meet at a restaurant in Huntington Beach for dinner. H.R. brings his guitar, and he is wearing a bulletproof vest underneath his suit. We all talk about how we should do a documentary on his life. He nods in agreement, but says little else. I tell H.R. dinner is on me tonight, so feel free to order anything he would like. He orders spaghetti with marinara sauce, and a glass of water.

8:55 P.M. - I drop H.R. off at band practice at Sound Matrix Studios in Fountain Valley. I tell him I’ll see him again in 3 hours.

“Magnificent” he exclaims.

12:00 A.M.- I return to Sound Matrix to pick up H.R. The band actually sounds really good. H.R. is dictating the session. He’s in command. One of the players, the keyboardist, has known H.R. since he was two years old. When practice ends H.R. hands each member a hand written receipt that says he owes them each $1000 for coming to practice. One band member informs me that he has tons of these, “ranging from $100 - $4,000,000.”

1:15 A.M. - We drive through downtown Huntington Beach together, looking at girls and MMA wannabees that are now pouring out of the bars. Several times H.R. laughs to himself at something he sees. The Cure’s “Wish” is our soundtrack. H.R. then informs me “tomorrow will be a Thanksgiving Jam”. Well, we shall soon find out.

H.R. at Thanksgiving Jam, Photo: Dan Rawe

Day 3

3:20 P.M. – I stop by H.R.’s room to check on him. I find myself constantly checking on him through out his stay, asking him if he’s ok? Does he need anything? He always is, and never does. His room is spotless. He is watching the Home And Garden channel. I can see he has a journal of some sort on his desk that he’s been writing in. I am tempted to just take it, and get it published as is. H.R. makes me a seat out of beanbags that come in each hotel room.

“Are you comfortable Mr. Joe?”

“Yes H.R.”

He then proceeds to quiz me about the show tonight? Sound check? Several times the room phone rings, and it’s some random lady friend of his. He invites each one to the show of course. The H&G channel is just showing random blueprints, which H.R. stares at from time to time.

“H what are you watching?”

“Ohhhh just getting the latest information, the latest facts.”

“On what, floor plans?”

He laughs.

I then ask him for his Blackberry number, so we can stay in touch this weekend. He handwrites out a note that says “H.R. Human Rights, Good Brains, XXX – XXX - XXXX, Hallelujah, Rasta.” Two hours later I’ll call the number and somebody named Matt will answer who has no fucking idea who H.R. is.

5:00 P.M. – Less then 30 minutes after I have left his room H.R. calls to inform me the “band” may not be able to make it down after all. (Perhaps the $1000 I Owe You’s will not be enough?)

He then says, “We’ll need a drum kit for the show, just a standard reggae kit will do.”

“Soundcheck’s at 6:00 H, that’s in 1 hour,” I reply.

“You’ll make the call Mr. Joe, it will all work out. Hallelujah, Rasta”…click…dial tone!

H.R. at Thanksgiving Jam, Photo: Dan Rawe

7:00 P.M. – H.R. arrives at soundcheck, which will never happen. However I have found a drum set. He hands me his guest list for guests that will never show.

8:05 P.M. – I overhear this conversation between my mom, and H.R.

MOM – “Now where are you from H.R.?”

H.R. – “Baltimore M’AM”

MOM – “Oh…it sounds like you have a little bit of a Jamaican accent.”

H.R. – “My mother is from Kingston M’AM. My father was born in Atlanta, Georgia.”

10:10 P.M. – I check on H.R. who seems to be sleeping in the closet size dressing room of the Detroit Bar, where tonight’s show is taking place. Jonah Matranga is in the dressing room as well checking his Facebook account no doubt.

“How are you doing Jonah?’ I inquire.

Jonah flashes me a grin that says "this is awesome.”

I sit down next to H.R. Some random dude walks in. “H you should come check out some of this art, it’s wild,” he says referring to the art show, which is also part of “Thanksgiving Jam.”

H.R. whispers in my ear, “no thank you sir.”

“H.R. declines your invitation,” I tell the gentleman.

“No but H, it’s pretty trippy, you’ll dig it.”

H.R. laughs softly, and slowly, in sort of an erythematic cadence. “Hmmmm... Hmmmm. Hmmm… Hmmmm.”

“H.R. respectfully denies your request,” I repeat.

The man leaves.

“Thank you Mr. Joe,” H.R. says.

10:45 P.M. – H.R. approaches me as I am talking to a group of girls in the bar. “What time will the Human Rights group be performing this evening Mr. Joe?”

“12:00,” I answer

“Outstanding sir,” he says and walks away.

12:00 A.M. – H.R., and the Human Rights band play. The band has all shown up after all, and they play decent reggae. H.R. strums his guitar named “Lucile” and sings his songs about whatever. In between several songs he mumbles incoherent things, but his mood is upbeat, and their set is good enough. Thanksgiving Jam night 1 is in the record books. I let a runner take H.R. back to his hotel.

H.R and the Human Rights band, Photo: Dan Rawe

Day 4

10:15 A.M. – In front of my hotel room, returning from a morning Starbucks run with Walter. Suddenly H.R. has appeared, and is right next to me.

“Gooood morning Mr. Joe.”

“Hey H.R. how are you?”

“Ohhh most excellent sir.”

“Where are you going?”

“Ohhh just to get some oatmeal.”

We hug goodbye.

3:35 P.M. – The phone rings. H.R. talks in a code that I cannot break for about 5 or 6 minutes. I also realize he is calling from the hotel phone. I proceed to check on his phone calls with the hotel. He’s at $88 worth so far. I have them turn his phone off.

4:20 P.M. – I stop by H.R.’s room. His entire band is in the room with him. They are all in great spirits. H.R. is cracking inside jokes that bust all of them up. He’s 10000% together, and on point. He asks me how “The festivities are coming along?”

“Good” I answer.


He then removes from his suit pocket the small bottle of cologne that he carries, and sprays it in his mouth.

H.R. at Thanksgiving Jam, Photo: Dan Rawe

5:30 P.M. – H.R and I head to Alex’s Bar in Long Beach. As we cruise down Pacific Coast Highway the sun is setting, H.R. is laid back in the seat, towel on his head, smile on his face, motionless the whole 30 minute drive. Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” is on the radio.

6:25 P.M. – H.R. informs me that he would like some pizza, which I run and grab. He says a prayer, and blesses his food, as he does before every meal.

8:10 P.M. – H.R. motions for me to come see him. When I arrive he places in my hand an extinct roach, and smiles. He will do this at least 4 more times throughout the evening.

9:45 P.M. – As I am talking to my sister and her friend, H.R. comes up and asks, "when will the Human Rights band will be performing?”


“Excellent Sir,” he proclaims, and walks away.

12:00 A.M. – H.R. performs with his band for almost an hour. They get in a great groove, and H.R. gives a solid performance. He’s in great spirits the whole set. The people who stay and give them a chance are stoked that they did. The band can play.

1:30 A.M. A bunch of Rastas who came are outside free styling to a radio. H.R. watches from a distance, smile on his face. People come up and ask H.R. for an autograph or a photo and he honors every request, although we’re talking like 5 or 6.

1:45 A.M. – H.R. becomes concerned that he lost a plastic bag he hid inside one of the Thanksgiving Jam merch boxes. It contains his phone, and his tape cassette Sony Walkman, "which is the last one of its kind," according to him.

"Like, the last one of all Sony Cassette Walkmans on Earth?” I retort.

"Ohhhh yes sir, the last one of it's kind," he repeats.

I assure him it’s all in my car. When it indeed is, he hugs me, and says “Thank You Mr. Joe.”

2:30 A.M. – H.R. and I are flying down PCH again this time blasting “Regulators” by Warren G. At one point on the drive he starts talking to me again about Rob’s Dr. Seuss sculptures from 4 days ago.

3:10 AM. – Back at the hotel H.R. asks me if it would be alright if he gets some food. I tell him to order room service, but not to order more then $30. “Ohhhhh thank you kindly sir” he says. He then asks when we should leave for the airport? I tell him “I’ll be at his room at 7:30 A.M., so 4 hours from now.” “Excellent sir… I’ll be ready at 7:30 to go to Los Angeles International Airport.”

He then proceeds to inform me of the airline, flight number, gate number, and time of departure 9:58 A.M. All are true.

We say goodnight.

H.R. riding shotgun in Joe's car, Photo: Joe Nelson

Day 5

7:30 A.M. – I knock on H.R.’s door. He opens it almost instantly. He is immaculate. Ready to go, dressed in his suit, guitar on his back, backpack in his hand. I look to see the condition of his room. It’s spotless. He’s even made his bed. On his nightstand is the King James Bible opened to the Book Of Psalms. There is a room service receipt neatly folded on his desk; 2 pieces of sourdough toast, and some hot tea. Total cost $8. The gamble on his incidentals was worth it.

8:15 A.M. – We are driving up the 405 freeway together, The radio is playing “Gimmie Shelter” by The Rolling Stones. H.R. hands me some random business card. “This is the man who has rare footage of the original group (Bad Brains), interviews with my mother and father. Call him, and let him know you are my official biographer, and he’ll provide you with the footage, and the facts.”

“I Am?...Awesome.”

“Yes indeed sir.”

We talk about making the documentary about his life. I tell him it would have to be brutally honest to be any good. He nods in agreement. He says to me, “Ohhhh it’s been a crazy life Mr. Joe.” He’s not lying.

8:40 A.M. – At the airport we hug goodbye.

“Friends for life,” I tell him.

“Yes indeed sir…yes indeed.”

H.R. says goodbye... indeed, Photo: Dan Rawe


Chesssss said...

Possibly the greatest DCXX entry ever. Simply incredible.

Anonymous said...

"Hey H.R. how are you?”

“Ohhh most excellent sir.”

“Where are you going?”

“Ohhh just to get some oatmeal.”

We hug goodbye.

Anonymous said...

best thing i have ever read here, and there has been some mindblowing content on double cross....so that's saying A LOT. joe nelson you have a gift.

Billy said...

Totally incredible! I am trying to come up with something to say and I just can't. Great job Joe.

Jeff (from Electronics Boutique) said...

i dont know whether i should laugh, cry, or masturbate. somehow i find this to be a very touching, sad, enlightening, happy, and honest story. i feel like........parasailing.

Larry said...

This rules.

adam said...


joe nelson must write a book. now.

Josh said...

I don't ever comment, and I don't have anything new to add, but I have to echo that this is probably the best, most enjoyable entry DCXX has seen. Great work.

clobbersaurus said...

Thanks for posting this little jewel, I find H.R really fascinating and I'm sure almost everyone else does as well. great job

xNBSx said...


Amazing. I am almost crying.. This is the greatest and saddest thing ive ever read.

Please do annoy the shit out of him and put out this movie. Call on me for ANY help on this.

Mike Driggs

Anonymous said...

HR seems like he is totally at prace. I feel relaxed just reading it.

Sean Bonner said...

This is one of the both craziest and awesomest things I've ever read in my life. And I've met H.R.

So rad.

Joe Nelson said...

Hey Everyone,

A quick thought on H.R., which doesn't come across in the piece. I didn't find him sad or tragic at all. He's just on a different trip then us. He's crazy, sure, but not as crazy as everyone thinks. He's super spiritual, and defines "minimilist" in the way he lives.

He was actually really awesome to be around, he's super sweet, and still very charismatic. He was fun to be around, and left a positive impression on not only me, but everyone who met him....like my ...ummm.. Mom!!.

I considered not writing this at all, because I didn't want to disrespect him in anyway, nor the time he gave to my benefit show. I don't feel like I have, but others will have to be the judge of that.

Anyway, I'm stoked you guys like it.



Unknown said...

I had an HR experience very similar in many details except it was 4 hours instead of 4 days right down to checking him into a hotel. (No incidentals!) And the business card he wrote Greg Ginn's phone number (he said) and I was told to call him about getting some unreleased Bad Brains material he had.

Sean Bonner said...

Hey Joe-

I don't think this sounds sad or tragic, in fact it's a pretty fantastic window into a guy that attached to massive legends. My own interaction with him was brief, when we did the Omega Sessions record at Victory, but even when he was totally crazy he was beyond gracious and you could never quite tell if he was out of his head or just seeing the world differently than everyone else around him.

I think you captured that very well in this.

-cja said...

excellent entry. one of my favs so far as well.

Onno said...

Great story, smile on my face!

Ben Edge said...


Write the book. Make the movie. This is your calling.

Ben Edge said...

one more thing,

I thought he literally wrote ten X's in a row as his phone number! Giving you a completely wrong number is only slightly less wacky, I suppose.

Keith said...

Best story I've read in a while!

Tim (not McMahon) said...

Great read. To get a broader understanding of where HR is at (as well as Bad Brains), one should really read Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich'. I've only met one other person in hc that has read it. I can't help but think he's put the teachings of that book to more use now then ever.

In fact, Mr Joe, when he gave you a card and told you to tell the person you were his official biographer, that was very similar to to Napoleon Hill's beginnings of his book. Hill met billionaire Andrew Carnegie to interview him. Carnegie was impressed by Hill and commisioned him to travel the world and interview over 500 successful people. The catch was that Carnegie would not pay Hill to do this, and would only give him reference letters so that the people would grant him interviews. Carnegie asked Hill to make a decision, and without Hill knowing, he was giving him 60 seconds to make the decision.

Malbeats said...


Marko said...

Thanks for sharing Joe! Very interesting. I am really interested about the Danzig part in your talk. Maybe in the near future you can share it with us. "We were the fastest band in the land! Then the Bad Brains showed up!" - Glenn Danzig.

Anonymous said...

I haven't even read this yet and it's already my favorite post on DCXX. Fuck you too.

none said...

most people remove the foam strip from under the bridge on the hollow body guitars but HR gets a pass.
great writing Mr Joe

mcs said...

I don't think this is sad or tragic. Sure, a lot of what he does or says may be kinda "out there", but the overall impression I get is that he seems to be a pretty happy guy.

The main reason this was so enjoyable to read is down to Mr Joe's great written style. I could have happily read much, much more of this.

Nice work!

Simón said...

Excellently written! I didn't think anything could make me laugh out loud at 8 a.m. during exam week. H.R. is a fascinating dude and your writing style went perfectly with it. Thanks for documenting it!

Anonymous said...

Extinct roach = the icing on the cake on this excellent DCXX entry! DB

Anonymous said...

That was amazing Joe.
I too was almost moved to tears while reading this.


Mike Inhuman

Anonymous said...

Tim and Gordo you have both really out done yourselves with this one. Hats off both of you.

Excellent Job Sirs!

Unknown said...

Two things:
1. Mike Inhuman! Holy shit, I love your band.
2. Those dead roaches H.R. gave you...did you throw those out?

Anonymous said...

The lead singer of Bad Brains rocking out to Fleetwood Mac & Warren G. I love it! And I loved this piece. Phenomenal.

Benj said...

totally my favorite DCXX post so far. the last time i saw bad brains with HR, he was talking between songs, forgot what he was talking about, and then just stared at the microphone for the next ten minutes while the band tried to figure out what to do.

Nick said...

Most excellent story, sir. Just read it for the second time and I'm sure many more will come.

K said...


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit!!! Joe, you have to HAVE TO follow up with him on this documentary bit. Seriously I am so fascinated by this story and about the mystique that surrounds him in general. It could be HUGE if done well. Seriously this is the best DCXX entry ever. WOW.


SFader said...

I absolutely fucking love this part:
8:05 P.M. – I overhear this conversation between my mom, and H.R.
MOM – “Now where are you from H.R.?”
H.R. – “Baltimore M’AM”
MOM – “Oh…it sounds like you have a little bit of a Jamaican accent.”
H.R. – “My mother is from Kingston M’AM. My father was born in Atlanta, Georgia.”

Joe your mom fucking shreds dude

Anonymous said...

Funny but very touching. A 'magnificent' entry. Thank you so much for posting this.


Heulwen said...

that was such a great read :)
hope you're doing well. Hopefully see you back in the UK with rival schools or walter soon.
Heulwen x x

Todd Evans said...

just had to say that this is one of the greatest things I've ever read.

Anonymous said...


ellencr said...

Alllllll my dreads are smiling

Jose said...

I like this!
I'm also post #43

Anonymous said...

Great job Double Cross. I have never come across anything about H.R. that is remotely like this. It was very insightful, and interesting read. Bravo.

- Rodney

sue snow said...

I just got a chance to read this and enjoyed it immensely! Almost perfect.
My fave DC read yet.

Anonymous said...

HR sucks ! sorry but that's true...he was maybe great in the past but he's just a ghost now...hey wake up old school hardcore lovers ! your icon is dead !!

Unknown said...

I highly enjoyed this. I saw Bad Brains on a boat in NYC a few years ago. As soon as I got on the boat, I see HR eating a plate of pasta. And I say "they have healthy food on this boat?" and he replies "Yes Sir!" One time Sammy Siegler was telling me a story about meeting HR and he was listing off all the bands he was in, trying to jog HR's memory. HR just stared at him for a while and then suddenly exclaimed "Rastafari!" and walked away. Classic.

Anonymous, you remind me of one of those morons that were at their last three CBGB's shows, complaining that "HR doesn't go off anymore!" He's taken it to another level, one in which you'll never understand. Being a humble and spiritual person that still practices what he preaches is way more important than jumping around on stage.

Lars said...

My favorite Doublecross post too....
I was at one of the last nights at CB's and it was amazing. He is definitely on another other level. As anyone who was there can attest, it was 1000 degrees in there. HR wore a zipped up sweatsuit with a courdroy blazer (inside out no less) over it. He didn't sweat one drop... crazy mind-over-matter-type stuff.

snoro said...

Amazing stuff !!!

Anonymous said...

best post ever!! HR is a hero!

Anonymous said...

The post of the year!

Anonymous said...

wow that was great!

rp said...

Ive been saving this story for a time when I needed a laugh, so glad I did. Well done Joe.

Unknown said...

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John M. Piorkowski said...

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Anonymous said...

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