Monday, September 1, 2008

Dag Nasty "I've Heard" live in Albany, NY 1987

Big thanks to Jon Field for this little jem that was plucked out of his personal collection and digitized. Dag Nasty, Peter Cortner era, 1987, live in Albany, NY playing "I've Heard".

As much as I love "Can I Say" and the original Smalley era of Dag Nasty, I've got no problems with a little "Wig Out" Cortner era. Truth of the matter is, Dag Nasty were one of my favorite bands right from the start. I did hear "Can I Say" first, but at the time, only had it on vinyl. When "Wig Out" was released, I bought in on cassette and rocked it in my walkman nonstop. I probably listened to that "Wig Out" cassette 350 times the year that was released. Eventually that same year I taped "Can I Say" and that ended up getting equal play.

Sunday July 17th, 1988, two of my favorite bands were playing City Gardens together, Agent Orange and Dag Nasty. I was so psyched leading up to this show, I can't even put it into words. At this point, Dag Nasty were in their "Field Day" era, but live were still pretty damn good. I spent most of Dag Nasty's set standing on the top of the stairs that ran along the right side of the stage. I remember their bass player at the time, Doug Carrion, going nuts. I'll also never forget the Molly Ringwald sticker on his bass. Peter Cortner's stage presence also left a lasting impression. Sure I would have loved to seen Dag Nasty during their Smalley era, but seeing Dag Nasty at all is still something I'm glad I got to do. -Tim DCXX


McDaggett said...

Hey, thanks a lot!!!

"At this point, Dag Nasty were in their "Field Day" era, but live were still pretty damn good."

Field Day is pretty damn good, sir!

Anonymous said...

the sound on this is sick, they are tight as hell and peter doesn't sound to 'singy' - i would have loved an album that mixed can i say and wig out style together with cortner singing. then again, i would also love another can i say with smalley. tough to lose.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to have seen Dagnasty with all three singers. Frankly, I think I enjoyed the first show I saw with Smalley the most in that it was so unexpected and he was just so good.

That said, Pete had some BIG shoes to fill and, other than Rollins stepping into Black Flag, I don't know that anyone else was able to fit into another singer's big shoes as well as Pete did.

Ben Edge said...

You saw Slammin' Watusis? That must have been a life changing experience.