Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Evolution of The Stance

The faceless image to the right was the one that appeared in BP issue 1, alongside the BOLD interview.

Going all the way back to Boiling Point issue one, in the layout of the BOLD interview was an image of a faceless dude in a stance. For some reason or another, that image always clicked with me and right off the bat I thought it was a very cool and iconic type image. I wasn't sure if the image had anything to do with BOLD, or if the Boiling Point guys just saw it as fitting for that particular layout, but never the less, from that point forward I associated that image with BOLD.

The classic Side By Side 7" cover.

Fast forward down the line and the Side By Side - "You're Only Young Once" 7" is released on Revelation Records. On the cover of that 7" are three faceless figures, all in a stance. Again, I instantly loved that cover. So simple, so clean and so powerful. It said so much without even showing much. There was a clear urban hip hop feel to these three dudes in a stance, but still I hadn't made any connection. Honestly, thinking back, I'm not so sure I even made any connections to the image I had seen earlier in the layout of the BOLD interview in Boiling Point issue one.

LL Cool J - "Radio", where the stance began.

At some point in the mid 90's I'm on the phone with my friend Ed McKirdy who at that point was working in Southern California for New Age / Conversion Records. Some how or another Ed's brings up how Dennis Remsing (Conversion Records / Outspoken) had mentioned that the Side By Side guys on the cover of the 7" had actually come from a photograph of LL Cool J that was on his debut release, "Radio". How that had never come together for me earlier, I have no idea. Considering how big of a fan I was of both Side By Side and LL Cool J, especially that "Radio" record, it just shocked me that I had never noticed the blatant similarities.

Eventually I had pieced it together that Alex Brown (Schism, Side By Side, PX, GB), while going to art school in NYC, had probably came up with the idea to outline the photo of LL Cool J and tweak it into a hip hop influenced straight edge hardcore looking dude of the time. Without talking to Alex about it, I can't be exactly sure of all the details, but I think it's fairly obvious where the image originated from, how it was originally used and finally where it ended up.

We've been hoping to pull Alex Brown into the pages of Double Cross at some point, so hopefully if and when that happens, we'll get the bottom of this. For now, check out the images I've compiled. -Tim DCXX

A great flyer designed by Alex Brown, with more detail added to the ordinarily faceless figures.


fabien said...

Yo this image is what edge is all about... being hard and willing to stand up for your beliefs! I'll admit I didn't always like urban hip hop but bands like SBS showed me what's real. Now I'll listen to Kanye West or some old school urban hip hop like Niggers With Attutude (don't worry... in addition to edge bands like YOT and Rival Schools!!) and I'm ready to walk the streets with a hard stance and pride!! I've lived in NYC since the 80's (West Village Represent!) and it can be rough but I feel dope with my convictions. NYC X Edge forever!!

malfunctionrecords said...

that was interesting.

Simón said...

Gotta love the stance.
I actually got into old-school hip hop a little before I got into hardcore. They're both music and culture from the streets. I love(d) b-boy culture, the stance included. You see a picture of LL or Run DMC and you know people just clear the way for them. I never really connected hardcore and hip-hop too much, but it's been really cool to hear Ajay Enuf and others talk about the convergence of hip-hoppers and hardcore kids.

Thanks for consistently great work, you two. It's like free access to the National Hardcore Archives somewhere in DC.

fabien said...

Word up, there's nothing like staring down an edge poser cuz you got the power of the edge and old school hip hop flowing through your veins... And yes, thanks for this blog! You two are my niggas!!

jojo outburst said...

Nice job on the post today. I haven't seen the back of the Radio lp in forever. I loved the cover of the SBS 7"

Anonymous said...

how can u come up with some interesting shit every day?! i have no idea..just DON`T stop!!!

Anonymous said...

i dunno about that racist shit but yeah, these are some classic mortons

Dylan said...

I hope this is true, as it would combine one of my favorite hardcore records with one of my favorite rap records.

Rock the Bells

JFantucch said...

This has to be true. Both recs are dope \