Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feedback Friday: Youth Of Today

Youth Of Today at City Gardens, Trenton NJ, Photo: Boiling Point

I wouldn't be surprised if a Youth Of Today photo made it into "Feedback Friday" more often. These guys just had a knack for being caught on film at the right time and this photo here is no exception.

You've got Porcell in mid air sportin' the Air Revs, Cappo coming down from a jump and Wally kickin' it out with funky Chucks. All of this is taking place on the stage of City Gardens, complete with the CITY GARDENS and TRENTON stencils on the wall. Oh yeah and that guy in the background leaning on the amp would be Drew BOLD. You've also got that one pumped, proud and psyched straight edge dude up front with the white hooded sweatshirt on and X'ed fist in the air. The rest of the crowd gawks in disbelief.

I've seen countless incredible photos from this particular show and there's no question in my mind, Youth Of Today were at the top of their game at this point. Of course many will argue what era of Youth Of Today was the best, but to me it's always been this early 1988, post breakup, pre "We're Not In This Alone" era. Of course, there really is no bad Youth Of Today era, at least not in my opinion.

Just for the hell of it, because I had the video posted on YouTube, I thought I'd post it on here as well. It's Youth Of Today from the same City Gardens show that the photo was taken at. If you haven't seen this video, do yourself and favor and don't waste any more time. Priceless. -Tim

City Gardens punk card with this particular YOT / BOLD show listed


-cja said...

definitely one of my favorite YOT shots ever. and you guys are right... they totally had a knack for being in the right place(s) at the right time.


Figured I'd put my comment here - you can actually see the exact moment the photo was taken at 2:19 in the video - pretty cool. Many unbelievable shots came from Salerno and the BP posse at this show. Perhaps most notably of course was Porcell's dive into the crowd with guitar - but this photo here is no chopped liver. Easily one of the best live YOT sets ever captured on video.
-Gordo DCXX

Anonymous said...

this really cool, awesome pic, i like YOT but for me ive always been bigger fan of Shelter

Handsome Pete said...

I love the upcoming shows.

Sinead O'Connor.

Anonymous said...

before reading Gordo's comment, I was watching around minute 2:18-2:20 over and over again to confirm that this was the precise moment when my alltime YOT picture was shot. 1:49 is also a crucial moment captured by Salerno (Thrasher Dec. 1988)

200lbu said...

Easily one of the greatest live shows I've ever witnessed in my life. 3/20/88...I remember the date the same way a normal dude would recall his anniversary or something.

The energy level was palpable with so many stoked kids up front finally getting to see YOT. Those nazis that seemed to ruin every show were shown to be a minor threat(heh)against the power of YOT's sound. This show to me was the earliest example of how music is more than a sound, but a spiritual sound force that can move people to achieve whatever the fuck they want to.


Ben Edge said...

Kool Moe Dee - "No Alcohol." Anyone know why that show was singled out to be a dry show?

D. Sine said...

Am I the only one who wishes there was a video of the Sticks and Stones set from this night?

Anonymous said...

My memory of Youth Of Today is, in bit and pieces:

*finding We Are Not In This Alone (first press/mix) surprisingly in a mainstream record store in Sardinia where I was hanging out after school

*playing that record and wondering why the drums sounded like they where thrown down a flight of stairs and all you could hear was voice and guitar.
No wonder: mixed by Ray & Porcell ;-)
I ended up loving that sound so much that I had my vinyl uploaded on my computer because none of the CDs available had that mix...

*travelling all the way to Milan alone to see them playing because all my friends flaked but I was not gonna miss it

*being one of the youngest guys at the show, until I met with Sammy, whom I would become friends with years later

*Porcell with a broken arm, or leg - I think

*Walter walking on top of people's heads

*watching Ray jump THE WHOLE drum set and the face of an amazed Sammy

*being one of the 30 sxe kids in a 600+ crowd

*wondering what the heck Lethal Aggression had in common with YOT, whom they where touring with...

Thank you and goodnight...

Bella's Book Boutique said...

Didn't get a chance to write anything on Friday but here goes...This show was the only time I ever went to City gardens. I was with The Combat Stance guys and a few others. I sat up in the bleacher section they had set up and had a great view of the goings on...My vivid memory was when Phil Linden (Combat Stance) was about to be thrown out by the bouncers and Cappo yelled, "Hey I know that guy! Let him go!" Phil started to laugh his ass off at the bouncer and dived right back into the fray. -Dave K.