Monday, September 15, 2008

ALL with Dave Smalley at the Silver Dollar, Canada 1988

With yesterdays DCXX entry on Dave Smalley and his "True Till Death" tattoo, we decided Dave is actually worthy of a full weeks worth of entries. Consider this week here at DCXX, "Dave Smalley Week". We've got a few more entries planned out and will be working on others, so if you're a fan of Dave's music, this should prove to be an interesting week.

For our second entry, I found this footage of ALL with Smalley on vocals. It's from a club called The Silver Dollar in Canada and is from 1988. As a huge fan of the Descendents, when they were breaking up, I was pretty damn bummed. Then to find out Dave Smalley was taking over vocal duties for ALL, the new version of the Descendents, I was psyched to say the least. Because of Dave's rather short stint on vocals for ALL, I never got around to seeing them when he was fronting the band. Actually when I found this video, I believe it was the first time I'd ever even seen footage of him with the band. Hope you dig this, but if ALL is not your thing, stay tuned because there's pretty much guaranteed DYS and Dag Nasty content coming soon. -Tim DCXX

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DennisCrivits said...

no doubt my favourite HC band ever, especially the Dave Smalley era. I have seen All playing a lot, but not with Dave, I doubt if they ever toured Europe in that line-up....