Monday, July 13, 2009

Poll results for favorite Project X song

Slam and Kid Hard with Project X at the Ritz, Superbowl of Hardcore, January 30, 1988, Photo: B.J. Papas

Obviously "Straight Edge Revenge" took the crown, but this is another one of those polls where there really is no wrong answer. In my opinion, every song on the PX 7" is fuckin' awesome, start to finish. Simple, solid, powerful, raging, grab you by your throat and throw you through a brick fuckin' wall delivery. Pretty much the perfect straight edge hardcore recording. Nothing was over thought, it was simply done and delivered.

Yeah I know... the band was never really intended to be taken too seriously. I can roll with that. Thing is, at the time that record came out, just like the Judge EP, the scene needed a band like PX to ruffle people's feathers. For every person who was burnt out, annoyed, disgusted and bent out of shape with what Straight Edge had turned into by the late 80's, PX came along and helped put an exclamation point on all of it, and I loved them for it.

To me it was just fun. I never took it too literally, never wanted to unleash my own Straight Edge Revenge on anyone. Never wanted to seek out any Dance Floor Justice. I just took it as a cool and fun little package deal (Schism #7 / PX EP) with 5 awesome songs, some in your face, over the top Straight Edge lyrics and that was that. As a matter of fact, I'm still waiting on that "Edge Of Quarrel" LP. -Tim DCXX

Kid Hard with the X shaved into the back of his head, N.D. with the Unit Pride shirt, Photo: B.J. Papas

Straight Edge Revenge - 159

Dance Floor Justice - 83
Shutdown - 44
Where It Ends - 31
Cross Me - 15


Anonymous said...

steve said...

one of the most overrated records in hardcore, cant back this poll like i usually do

xdislocationx said...

if I get my hands on one of those sweet schism project x shirts, I'll never go out of my house, and I'll die happy.

mark said...

I remember that show....Porcell did a foot first stage dive, caught me right in the grill.... Good Times!!